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How to Determine Car Accident Fault Caused by Bad Georgia Weather

Lawyer for Car Accident Fault in Augusta, Georgia

As the weather turns colder, there is a lot more you have to contend with when on the road. You need to take additional care when driving on roads that are wet or icy. Unfortunately, during the winter, bad weather can cause a wreck where it is not clear how to determine car accident fault.…

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What Are the Augusta Distracted Driver Laws?

car wreck injury lawyer in Augusta Georgia

We often do not think about the legal details and ramifications for our actions as we get behind the wheel of our automobiles. Driving is just a normal every day action for each of us. However, every time we turn the key to our car’s ignition we are signing a contract of sorts. Each and…

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How to Prove Auto Negligence in Augusta, GA

Auto Negligence Augusta GA Car Accident Lawyer

An auto accident can majorly affect your regular daily existence, and at times, it can even turn into a life changing occasion. Without your vehicle, you might be left scrambling to discover approaches to make your normal courses to and from work, school, or the supermarket. Just to give some examples. The repercussions of an…

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