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What Do Georgia Laws Say about Car Accident Liability in Bad Weather?

Lawyer for Car Accident Liability in Augusta, Georgia

According to the Federal Highway Administration, every year, bad weather causes approximately 1,258,978 car accidents, resulting in 445,303 injuries and 5,897 deaths. These figures represent 22% of all car accidents, 19% or all injuries, and, respectively 16% of all fatalities. This means that, out of the over 385,000 car crashes in Georgia, over 77,000 involve…

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Holiday Accidents & Car Accident Law in Charlotte, NC

Attorney for Car Accident Law in Charlotte, North Carolina

Car accidents happen even during the holidays. When a car accident happens to you on Christmas day, it puts a damper on your entire holiday plans. But, you don’t need to panic if you keep car accident law in Charlotte, NC, in mind. The law is on your side when other drivers are at fault…

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Do Charlotte Car Accident Rates Increase During the Holidays?

Charlotte Car Accident Lawyer for Holiday Wrecks in North Carolina

As the holiday season gets started, the number of people on the road increases. There are people rushing about to do their last-minute holiday shopping and more people are traveling this time of year than any other season. With a large number of people on the road, the potential to get in a Charlotte car…

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