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Who Pays for an Uber Car Accident in Charlotte, North Carolina?

Uber Car Accident Lawyer in Charlotte, North Carolina

Getting in a car accident is frightening and difficult to deal with. It can result in personal injury, property damage, and lifelong trauma. When you experience an Uber car accident, it can be even more difficult and confusing since you were not the one behind the wheel and it is difficult to determine who is…

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Holiday Accidents & Car Accident Law in Charlotte, NC

Attorney for Car Accident Law in Charlotte, North Carolina

Car accidents happen even during the holidays. When a car accident happens to you on Christmas day, it puts a damper on your entire holiday plans. But, you don’t need to panic if you keep car accident law in Charlotte, NC, in mind. The law is on your side when other drivers are at fault…

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What Percentage of Car Accidents are Fatal in Charlotte, NC?

Charlotte, North Carolina Car Accidents

Each day in the United States, citizens take an average of four trips per person. According to Bureau of Transportation statistics, that means 1.1 billion trips per day, with 11 billion miles traveled. When it comes to car accidents in Charlotte, NC recent statistics have vied with those from 2009 in fatality rates and crashes…

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Rear End Car Crashes

Charlotte NC car wreck attorney

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), rear end car crashes are one of the most frequently occurring types of collisions. Furthermore, the majority of these accidents involved a lead vehicle that was stopped or traveling slowly immediately before the crash. These statistics are significant as some of the most painful and serious…

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Your Auto Accident Settlement and the IRS

car wreck lawyer in Charlotte NC

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, there are so many things to think about, so many steps to take, and such an uphill battle to manage that the last thing you’re probably thinking about is your responsibility to the IRS. Many people don’t even realize that their auto accident settlements are taxable, and…

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What Happens if You Are in an Accident With an Uber?

auto accident attorney Charlotte North Carolina

An Uber does not seem particularly different than a traditional taxi to riders. In both, riders pay for someone to drive them from place A to place B. The phone app that allows riders to request a car used to set the service apart, but now taxi services are also developing apps for riders to…

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Negligent Hiring & Retention by Trucking Companies

Charlotte NC car crash injury attorney

The aftermath of a truck accident can be too much to imagine for those who have not had to experience it firsthand. When a commercial vehicle weighing up to 80,000 pounds and possibly carrying hazardous materials collides with other vehicles, the outcome is almost always disastrous. The property damage to your car and the area…

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Signs of a Concussion After an Auto Accident

Charlotte NC car accident lawyer

A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury and should always be taken seriously. When there is a force against the head or a sudden deceleration of the head, your brain moves and hits the inside barrier of your skull. Auto accidents often lead to concussions because people collide with the window, steering wheel, windshield,…

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