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What Are The Dangers Of Driving While Fatigued In Atlanta, Georgia?

Driving while fatigued car accident lawyer in Atlanta GA

Driving while fatigued is generally not taken seriously. Most people don’t talk enough about it, and that is probably why people take this issue quite lightly. That is a mistake since statistics indicate that more and more accidents in Atlanta, Georgia are the result of driving while fatigued. No matter how many signs are posted on…

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What Do Georgia Laws Say about Car Accident Liability in Bad Weather?

Lawyer for Car Accident Liability in Augusta, Georgia

According to the Federal Highway Administration, every year, bad weather causes approximately 1,258,978 car accidents, resulting in 445,303 injuries and 5,897 deaths. These figures represent 22% of all car accidents, 19% or all injuries, and, respectively 16% of all fatalities. This means that, out of the over 385,000 car crashes in Georgia, over 77,000 involve…

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Holiday Accidents & Car Accident Law in Charlotte, NC

Attorney for Car Accident Law in Charlotte, North Carolina

Car accidents happen even during the holidays. When a car accident happens to you on Christmas day, it puts a damper on your entire holiday plans. But, you don’t need to panic if you keep car accident law in Charlotte, NC, in mind. The law is on your side when other drivers are at fault…

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Do Charlotte Car Accident Rates Increase During the Holidays?

Charlotte Car Accident Lawyer for Holiday Wrecks in North Carolina

As the holiday season gets started, the number of people on the road increases. There are people rushing about to do their last-minute holiday shopping and more people are traveling this time of year than any other season. With a large number of people on the road, the potential to get in a Charlotte car…

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Can I File a Lawsuit for an Augusta Car Accident?

Augusta Car Accident Attorney Georgia

When you have incurred damages from an Augusta car accident, you are entitled to compensation under the law. Often times, when a Georgian is injured in a car accident, they have mounting medical bills, missed days from work, and a damaged vehicle. All of these result in a desperate need for financial relief to make…

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What if I’m the victim of a drunk driving accident in Augusta, GA?

Augusta GA Drunk Driving Car Lawyer

Every day, there are numerous incidents of a person losing their life to a drunk driving accident. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that, on average, a death resulting from impaired driving occurs every 51 minutes in the United States, which equals 28 people per day. Unfortunately, fatalities like this can easily be…

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What Percentage of Car Accidents are Fatal in Charlotte, NC?

Charlotte, North Carolina Car Accidents

Each day in the United States, citizens take an average of four trips per person. According to Bureau of Transportation statistics, that means 1.1 billion trips per day, with 11 billion miles traveled. When it comes to car accidents in Charlotte, NC recent statistics have vied with those from 2009 in fatality rates and crashes…

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State Car Accident Rates: How Safe are the Roads in Atlanta, GA?

Atlanta, Georgia, Car Accident Lawyer

Georgia has reported the fifth highest increase in the number of vehicle deaths from 2014 to 2016. The rate is twice that of the national average. In 2016, 1500 people died in motor vehicle accidents in the state. The top three reasons for a fatal car accident in Georgia are speed, alcohol and distracted driving.…

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