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What Should I Do if I Am Hurt on the Job in Charlotte, NC?

Hurt on the Job Work Injury Lawyer in Charlotte, North Carolina

If you’ve been hurt at work in Charlotte, North Carolina, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation. Being hurt at work can be a scary thing. It can result in loss of wages, a permanent injury, and confusion about where you stand with your employer. This is why it is important to speak to a…

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How Can I File a Personal Injury Claim in South Carolina?

South Carolina Personal Injury Claim

Whenever one person is injured at the hands of another, the injured person incurs costs that they would not have otherwise had. Costs like medication, medical bills, and ongoing physical therapy can add up, and along with the amount of time the injured person has to miss from work to go to medical appointments or…

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How to File Workers Compensation Claims in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte North Carolina workers' comp lawyer

When injuries occur on the job in Charlotte, North Carolina, workers can file a workers’ compensation (WC) claim with the North Carolina Industrial Commission. Charlotte WC involves filling out specific forms and submitting them to the Industrial Commission. If you’re injured at work, it is essential that you tell your employer of the injury immediately.…

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Workers’ Compensation for Public Safety Employees in Charlotte, North Carolina

workers' comp attorney in Charlotte NC

When we think of public safety, the first people who come to mind are police officers and firefighters. However, public safety employees include a wide range of professionals, such as paramedics, security guards, and prison officials. Public safety officers work in potentially dangerous situations for the safety of the community. Occupations like law enforcement and…

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Occupational Skin Diseases

work injury claim lawyer in Charlotte NC

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as many as 13 million workers are exposed to chemicals nationwide. Tragically, this exposure leads thousands to contract occupational skin diseases (OSD) from chemicals absorbed through the skin. In the past, officials have focused primarily on the side effects of inhaling hazardous agents. As a…

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Average Weekly Wages Under Charlotte Workers’ Compensation

Charlotte North Carolina workers' comp attorney

When you get hurt at work, your first thought is to get medical attention and recover. It can take a great deal of effort to ensure you see the right doctors for your injury and that their bills are paid for by your employer. But as you are dealing with the physical and emotional consequences…

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What Should I Do If My Employer Refuses to Pay for Back Injuries?

charlotte NC workers' comp lawyer

Auto manufacturing in North Carolina is an extremely popular industry, employing approximately 400,000 workers with manufacturing jobs. Major automotive competitors have planted roots in the Tar Heel state, with more than 150 companies serving several North Carolina cities, including Charlotte.   With so many employees working in manufacturing, injuries are inevitable and occur frequently. In…

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6 Workplace Injuries that Could Happen to Anyone

Charlotte North Carolina workers compensation lawyer

Each job or industry has its own unique set of safety and health risks that are associated with that job type. For example, a schoolteacher is much less likely to suffer from cuts and burns than a chef will. In contrast, a chef is at a much smaller risk of contracting a disease or illness…

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