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Where Do I Report a Dog Attack in Augusta, Georgia?

Dog Attack Attorney in Augusta, Georgia

When a dog attacks, the results can be frightening. You can be marred, scarred and scratched. While you may be panicked, you need to report the attack to the correct authorities. The animal control center needs to be informed about the dog attack in Augusta, Georgia, so they can take the corrective measures to make…

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Can I File an Augusta Child Personal Injury Claim After a Toy Malfunction?

Child Personal Injury Attorney in Augusta, Georgia

Every year, a number of children die, and many more end up in the emergency room from toy malfunction injuries. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 11 U.S. children died and 252,400 suffered injuries in 2015 alone. The numbers have probably grown judging by the continuous expansion of the toy industry, and, unfortunately, more…

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Georgia Medical Malpractice Settlements Calculations

Lawyer for Medical Malpractice Settlement in Augusta, Georgia

When hurt because of a medical malpractice case, you should not have to foot the bill for your treatment on your own. There are a couple of options you have as a victim, including seeking a medical malpractice settlement. Georgia Medical Malpractice Settlements are the safety factor in place for those that suffer as the result…

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Do I Have an Atlanta Personal Injury Suit If I Get Bit by a Dog?

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Georgia

Dog bites can be scary and traumatizing. They often happen unexpectedly, and there is no way to stop the act of violence from occurring. Dog owners are responsible for the actions of their pet, and if you have been bitten by a dog, you deserve compensation for your injuries through an Atlanta personal injury lawsuit.…

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What Does an Atlanta Personal Injury Claim Cover?

Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney

There are a myriad of ways that a personal injury can occur. When hurt as a result of these negligent accidents, the victim in these situations deserve full and fair compensation. You may have injuries that need medical attention or you may have missed work as a part of your recovery. Through an Atlanta personal…

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What should I do after a dog attack in Atlanta, GA?

Atlanta Georgia personal injury dog attack in Atlanta claim lawyer

Dog attack in Atlanta Going to the park to enjoy the scenery or take a stroll is typically an enjoyable experience. There are people milling about, children playing and perhaps even a few artists strumming a tune on their guitars. But what happens when an unfortunate turn of events happens and you experience a park…

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What Do I Do After a Work-Related Injury in Augusta, Georgia?

Augusta, Georgia, Personal Injury Attorney

You have been an employee at a local construction company for about ten years. During the course of your employment, you often need to use company equipment while working on different construction jobs. One day while working on an Augusta site, the rotary saw you are using jams, and you suffer a serious injury to…

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