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Can I File a Workers Compensation Claim for Stress in Atlanta, Georgia?

Workers Compensation claim for stress attorney in Atlanta GA

People who work in Atlanta, Georgia can file for workers’ compensation if they get injured at work. However, in the majority of cases, the workers’ compensation program is for physical injuries like a burn, fracture, laceration, eye injury, back injury, etc. that occurs while doing some type of work. A workers compensation claim for stress…

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Reasons for a Workers' Comp Denial in Augusta, GA

Lawyer for Workers' Compensation Denial in Augusta, Georgia

When hurt on the job, you deserve compensation for your injuries. Your medical bills and lost wages from work are covered by the workers’ comp program in Augusta, Georgia. This program affords employees that are injured at work the ability to receive coverage through their employer as well as the State Board of Workers’ Compensation.…

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Can I Get Fired for Seeking Workmans Comp Benefits in Augusta, GA?

Workmans Comp Attorney in Augusta, Georgia

When hurt on the job because of a workplace accident, your injuries fall under the workmans comp program in Augusta, Georgia. This program provides coverage for your medical bills and a portion of your lost wages due to your injuries. The State Board of Workers’ Compensation determines if you receive benefits and the amount of…

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How Do I Know If I Qualify for Augusta Workers' Comp?

Augusta Workers' Comp Attorney

Workers’ compensation insurance is available for almost every employee in Georgia. While virtually all employees covered under the Augusta workers’ comp program qualify, you need to ensure that your employer offers coverage. Not every employer is required to provide workers’ compensation benefits under the law. Understanding what your legal rights are when it comes to…

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What Does Augusta Workers' Comp Pay?

Augusta Workers' Comp Attorney Georgia

When you file a workers’ comp claim because of injuries at work, it can be challenging to understand what exactly is paid. Each state workers’ comp is different and in Augusta, you can receive benefits for both medical expenses and lost wages as well as additional education to seek new employment. For help with filing…

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What is Included in Augusta Workers' Comp Coverage?

Augusta Workers' Comp Attorney GA

When hurt on the job because of a workplace injury, you might be wondering what type of coverage you will receive through your workers’ comp benefits. The Augusta workers’ comp program provides coverage under the law for a myriad of benefits that are designed to help you recover and return to the workforce if at…

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