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My Child Suffered Daycare Injuries in Augusta, Georgia. What Should I Do?

Daycare Injuries attorney in Augusta, GA

Thousands of children in Augusta, Georgia are enrolled in daycare facilities. When parents drop their children at a daycare, they presume that their child will be adequately supervised and kept safe. They might have some fears that their child may suffer daycare injuries, but for the majority of parents, daycare is supposed to provide a…

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What Happens If I Can't Work Due to a Back Injury in Augusta, GA?

Back Injury Lawyer in Augusta, Georgia

Did you incur a back injury in Augusta, Georgia and now you are unable to work? This means your injury was quite serious and recovering from it will take a long time and costly medical treatments and procedures. Your budget is probably already exhausted, and now that you are unable to work due to upper…

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Where Do I Report a Dog Attack in Augusta, Georgia?

Dog Attack Attorney in Augusta, Georgia

When a dog attacks, the results can be frightening. You can be marred, scarred and scratched. While you may be panicked, you need to report the attack to the correct authorities. The animal control center needs to be informed about the dog attack in Augusta, Georgia, so they can take the corrective measures to make…

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Can I File an Augusta Child Personal Injury Claim After a Toy Malfunction?

Child Personal Injury Attorney in Augusta, Georgia

Every year, a number of children die, and many more end up in the emergency room from toy malfunction injuries. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 11 U.S. children died and 252,400 suffered injuries in 2015 alone. The numbers have probably grown judging by the continuous expansion of the toy industry, and, unfortunately, more…

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What can I do about nursing home abuse and neglect in Augusta, GA?

personal injury nursing home abuse

It’s a question that many of us will face at some point in our lifetimes. What do we do about seeking care for our loved ones who can’t care for themselves any longer?  Often, the answer is a long-term nursing home facility or seeking in-home professional care because we are not capable of handling the…

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What Do I Do After a Work-Related Injury in Augusta, Georgia?

Augusta, Georgia, Personal Injury Attorney

You have been an employee at a local construction company for about ten years. During the course of your employment, you often need to use company equipment while working on different construction jobs. One day while working on an Augusta site, the rotary saw you are using jams, and you suffer a serious injury to…

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Who is Responsible for my Foodborne Illness?

personal injury claim lawyer in Augusta Georgia

Despite the strict food safety and handling regulations put in place by the federal government, thousands of people are still hospitalized for foodborne illnesses every year. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that as many as 128,000 people are hospitalized for food poisoning on a yearly basis, of which around…

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