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When Can My Workers' Comp Benefits in Augusta, Be Terminated?

Lawyer for Workers' Comp Benefits in Augusta, Georgia

Any legally employed individual in America has the right to workmen’s compensation which acts as an insurance policy, protecting employees in the case of injury or fatality in the workplace. The law requires that any company employing more than three workers cover their staff with workers’ compensation insurance. As a result, an employee is entitled…

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How Do I Know If I Qualify for Augusta Workers' Comp?

Augusta Workers' Comp Attorney

Workers’ compensation insurance is available for almost every employee in Georgia. While virtually all employees covered under the Augusta workers’ comp program qualify, you need to ensure that your employer offers coverage. Not every employer is required to provide workers’ compensation benefits under the law. Understanding what your legal rights are when it comes to…

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What Are My Rights If I Suffer an Injury at Work in Augusta, Georgia?

Augusta, Georgia Work Injury Lawyer

You have been a dedicated employee with your employer in Augusta for over five years. As a data entry operator, you sit at a computer terminal for 8 hours daily keying information into the company database. But in the last few months, you have been experiencing tingling and numbness in your arm and hand. After…

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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Workers Comp in Augusta, GA

workers compensation claim lawyer in Charlotte NC

When you’ve been harmed at work, you are probably going to have a great deal of inquiries concerning what to do next and what sort of advantages you may be qualified for. Workers compensation is an insurance system intended to guarantee that injured employees have the important scope for treatment and wage benefits, while shielding…

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