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What Should I Do if I Am Hurt on the Job in Charlotte, NC?

Hurt on the Job Work Injury Lawyer in Charlotte, North Carolina

If you’ve been hurt at work in Charlotte, North Carolina, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation. Being hurt at work can be a scary thing. It can result in loss of wages, a permanent injury, and confusion about where you stand with your employer. This is why it is important to speak to a…

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Does Workers’ Compensation in Charlotte, NC, Cover Medical Treatment?

Charlotte, North Carolina Workers' Compensation Medical Treatment

In case of injuries covered by workers’ compensation in Charlotte, NC, any medical treatment the employee requires is the responsibility of their employer or their workers’ compensation insurer. That is why some employers choose private medical services providers, while others even offer in-house medical services. NC workers’ compensation covers treatments meant to cure the injuries, relieve…

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The National Safety Council Names Top 7 Workplace Hazards

Charlotte NC workers' compensation attorney

Workers’ compensation injuries can arise from any number of circumstances. People forget to lift with their legs and hurt their backs. Workers come into contact with sharp objects and may cut themselves. People may be at work in overly hot conditions and suffer from heat stroke. Injuries from workplace accidents may be minor and require…

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