Why It Is Important to Hire an SSDI Attorney

Why It Is Important to Hire an SSDI Attorney

Thousands of Social Security disability benefit claims are denied every year; the denial rate is actually higher than the approval rate. There are multiple reasons that claims are denied, but one of the most common is simply that the applicant does not fill out their application correctly or in full, and does not understand what the Social Security Administration is looking for. Another common reason is that an applicant does not understand the application process, and may be confused by requests from the Social Security Administration, and therefore may fail to take actions necessary for claim approval. For all of these reasons and more, having an experienced Social Security Disability Insurance attorney on your side is essential, and can improve your claim’s chances of being approved.

Guiding You Through the Process

One of the biggest benefits of a SSDI attorney is that the attorney has helped clients with their SSDI/SSI applications countless times in the past, and knows the process inside and out. A SSDI attorney can assist in organizing and collecting all of your medical documents, gathering the right type of evidence to prove your disability, and ensuring that your application contains all necessary materials upon being submitted. If you have questions about which type of disability program to apply for, how much you may be able to recover in monthly benefits, how much your family members can recover, what your taxable benefit amount may be, or what the income limit is, an attorney can answer all of these questions and more.

Advocating for Your During the Appeals Process

In the event that your claim is denied the first time that you apply, you will no doubt want to file an appeal. Remember, you must file an appeal not only correctly, but within a certain amount of time as well. Further, there are multiple levels of appeal, and the legal processes during each may be confusing to a person without legal training.

Your attorney will handle every aspect of appealing your claim, and keep you informed of all of your options and legal rights. Throughout the entire process, a North Carolina SSDI attorney will do everything they can to get your claim approved.

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