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Gastonia, NC

Gastonia, North Carolina is the county seat and chief city of Gaston County. Situated only 24 miles west of Charlotte, Gastonia forms a triangle along with Salisbury to create the Greater Charlotte Metropolitan Area.
Gastonia boasts an ideal location for business, located 10 miles from the Charlotte International Airport. The Gastonia Municipal Airport provides local service. Interstate 85 runs directly through the city, and Interstates 77 and 40 are nearby, with excellent NC Highways connecting Gastonia to them. The Norfolk Southern Railroad also runs through the city.
Gastonia’s chief employers include Caromont Health Care, Curtiss-Wright Controls, FreightlinerParkdale MillsStabilus and Wix FiltersCensus 2000 recorded Gastonia’s population at 66,277, showing a 17% increase in the last decade. The total area is just over 46 square miles. A number of housing choices exist, from lovely older homes in Gastonia’s historic district to brand new construction in modern subdivisions.
Gastonia, NC serves as the cultural center for Gaston County. Found here is the United Arts Council, which provides numerous grants and educational programs for the community. The Gaston School of Arts and Gaston Dance Theater receive funding from the council. The Schiele Museum of Natural History provides fascinating insights into the natural world, and houses a large planetarium.
Gastonia residents enjoy the many parks and recreation areas scattered through out the city. Almost 600 acres of green spaces for walking trails and athletic fields attract health-minded citizens, along with a number of fine golf courses.
Gastonia parents have various options for schooling their children. Gaston County boasts an excellent public educational system system, and Gastonia is home to a number of private schools, including the Highland School of Technology. North Carolina named Gaston County schools “Schools of Excellence and Distinction”. For higher education, Gastonia students have 24 colleges and universities within a 40-mile radius.
The Gaston County Courthouse dates back to the turn of the century. Built in 1910, the elegant structure of the courthouse stands three stories tall and features Classical Revival architecture. Tall Ionic order columns extend from the front stairs all the way to a portico at the top. The building has a tan brick outlook and features pavilions, a cornice, and a modillion. Located in the Downtown area of the Gastonia Historic District, the Courthouse is a famous cultural and historical heritage of the city. It is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Address: 325 Dr. Martin Luther King Way #1004, Gastonia, NC 28052
Phone: (704) 852-3100


The city of Gastonia is home to three DMV offices. The Driver License office allows city residents to get a driver license after they pass a written and hands-on test. Gastonia residents can have their vehicles registered, or renew vehicle registration, at the License Plate office. Finally, if there is a case of vehicle theft or a related matter, you can consult the License & Theft location at the Franklin Boulevard. The three locations offer three separate sets of DMV services. And it saves you precious time to know which office would best your particular needs.
There are 3 DMV offices in the Gastonia area:

  • License Plate Agency at Eastridge Mall

246 North New Hope Road, Suite #239 Gastonia, NC 28054
Tel: (704) 864-4856
Services: Plate & Vehicle Registration

  • Gastonia Driver License Office

2560 West Franklin Boulevard Gastonia, NC 28052-1250
Tel: (704) 853-5372
Services: Driver License & School Bus

  • License & Theft Bureau Field Office

2560 West Franklin Boulevard Gastonia, NC 28052-1250
Tel: (704) 853-5427
Services: License & Theft Bureau


The Gastonia Police Department is one of the three main law enforcement agencies serving the city. The Police Department dates back to the 1870s and has placed a notable role in the city’s history. It is currently staffed by 176 law enforcement officers. In addition, 38 civilian staff members are also a part of the department.
Address: 200 E Long Ave, Gastonia, NC 28052
Phone: (704) 866-6702


The Gastonia Fire Department serves more than 70,000 people of the city of Gastonia. The department proudly serves the city with a commitment to save the property and lives of the citizens as well as any visitors and tourists. In all, the department has more than 140 people working for it full time. It operates through eight locations situated across a 50-square mile area. The Fire Department’s personnel are known for their professional training and a high degree of commitment.
Address: 1335 E Ozark Ave, Gastonia, NC 28054
Phone: (704) 866-6806


The citizens of Gaston are able to access high-class library facilities across ten locations. These locations are operated by the Gaston County Public Library. The library locations include Union Road, Stanley, Mt. Holly, Dallas, Cherryville, Belmont, Gastonia-Ferguson, Bessemer City and Lowell.
The Gaston County Public Library delivers services via three program areas:

  • Administrative & Technical Services – Acquires, catalogs, processes, and distributes library materials for/to all Gaston County library service outlets.  Staff provides technical support for the library’s automation system and advisory and resource assistance to public service staff.  Administration manages the Library budget, personnel, and day-to-day library business operations, determines system wide library service direction, and establishes service policies and procedures.
  • Main Library Services – Provides direct assistance to the public in-house, by telephone, FAX, e-mail, and the Library’s website via three service points:   Children’s, Circulation, and Reference. Responsibilities include registering borrowers, processing loans and returns, answering reference and information requests, planning and conducting library activity programs, and assisting in-house users with library materials and equipment.
  • Branch Library Services – Facilitate the delivery of library materials and services to citizens throughout the County.  Staff provide direct assistance to library users: registering borrowers, processing loans and returns, answering reference and information requests, planning and conducting library activity programs, and assisting in-house users with library materials and equipment.


The CaroMont Regional Medical Center is the key public medical facility operating in the city of Gastonia. The main location of the Center hosts a 435-bed space offering general and acute care facilities in one place. The CaroMont Regional Medical Center traces its history back to the 1940s. It came into being as a memorial to the Gastonia soldiers who laid  their lives in the second World war. Its present name was adopted in 1973.
The hospital has some of the most experienced and qualified local medical professionals on its team. It is a part of a broader healthcare system, CaroMont Health, which comprises of more than 40 physician locations in total. The hospital delivers its medical services with a commitment to professional conduct, integrity and compassion to the patients.
Address: 2525 Court Dr, Gastonia, NC 28054
Phone: (704) 834-2000


The city of Gastonia is home to a number of historical and cultural landmarks. These landmarks are broadly contained in a number of historic districts located across the city. Some of these historic districts are locally designated while others are also designated as National Register Historic Districts. The designated historic districts are unique in that they are home to several historic homes and other structures. The designated local historic districts of the city include the York-Chester district and the Brookwood district.

Brookwood Historic District

The Brookwood Historic District receives the designation of a historic landmark back in 1997. This district is identified by a brilliant blend of various architectural styles including minimalist traditional, Tudor, colonial revival style and craftsman. More than a hundred structures are included in this district, with the oldest structures dating back to the early 1930s. Brookwood was one of the earliest communities of the city and it is only natural that it is home to some of the most iconic historical legacies of Gastonia.

York-Chester Historic District

This district is the oldest community of Gastonia. It precedes Brookwood in its designation, having been designated a historic district in 1988. The York-Chester Historic District also significantly larger and is home to more than 500 historic and cultural structures. The architectural styles commonly observed in this district include colonial, Georgian revival, New England, Neo-classical, Gothic Revival and Greek revival among others. The homes and other buildings offer an eclectic mix of history, with many structures dating back to the 1920s.
Gastonia, North Carolina looks forward to a prosperous and rewarding future. The Charlotte Metro area continues to grow each year, and the fortunes of Gastonia citizens grow with it.


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