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In recent years, Gastonia has seen a rise in fatalities resulting from traffic accidents. If you’ve been a car accident victim in this city, seek justice with the help of a Gastonia car accident lawyer from Ted A. Greve & Associates, P.A. Call (844) 387-8677 today to schedule a free consultation

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Gastonia Facts and Traffic Accidents

Gastonia is the largest city in Gaston County and is the 13th largest among all of North Carolina’s 654 cities. Regarded by many as a laid-back locale, it boasts of natural attractions, including the U.S. National Whitewater Center and the Crowders Mountain State Park.
However, statistics recorded by showed a growing number of fatal car crashes in the city in 2011.
The fatal accident count in 2011 was 6, which was double the number in 2010. The number of people involved in these accidents rose from 13 in 2010 to 16 in 2011, and the fatalities more than doubled from 3 to 7.
These show that despite the relaxed atmosphere, individuals and families still suffer injuries and deaths in Gastonia from vehicle accidents. One of the most important steps victims need to take is standing up for their right to fair monetary compensation for their injuries sustained in the accident.

Claiming Compensation From an Auto Accident

Victims of auto accidents not only have to face physical pain, but they and their families also need to deal with mounting medical costs and emotional burdens.
If you are going through this situation your priority is likely to be to recover and enjoy a peaceful and healthy life once again. But to fully pick yourself up from a tragedy, you’ll need help to fight for justice and claim what you deserve.
Compensation from car accidents can include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Property damage
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of abilities
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Pain and suffering

The process of claiming compensation can get messy, especially if you just want to recover from your injuries as soon as possible. Many people simply opt to go to their insurance providers and try to handle the claim themselves. Oftentimes, however, they get lost in complex insurance policies and end up with less than their fair share of compensation.
You deserve to be compensated for all your losses. That’s why during this difficult time in your life, you need to entrust your case to a personal injury attorney who has a proven record of dealing with these types of cases.

Common Types of Car Accidents

Many car accidents occur every year on North Carolina roadways. Some of them are relatively minor while others may cause life-threatening injuries. If you were hurt in a car crash caused by another driver, you may want to contact a Gastonia, NC car accident attorney.

Here are the most common types of car accidents.

  • Head-on collisions. Head-on collisions are one of the most severe types of car accidents and are more likely to result in fatal injuries. There’s greater force because both vehicles are moving toward each other. These accidents can result from distracted driving, speeding, drunk driving and driver fatigue.
  • Rollover accidents. These accidents occur when a vehicle flips and lands on its roof or side. During these accidents, vehicle fires from spilled fuel can also erupt. Needless to say, rollover accidents often cause catastrophic injuries, like traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.
  • Rear-end collisions. During a rear-end collision, a vehicle crashes into the back end of the vehicle directly in front of it. These accidents usually happen when a driver isn’t paying attention and driving too closely behind another vehicle. However, the rear-end driver may not always be at-fault. For example, if the front driver doesn’t have working braking lights and an accident occurs because of it, that driver may be held responsible.
  • Side-impact collisions. Also known as T-bone accidents, side-impact collisions happen when one vehicle hits another vehicle at a perpendicular angle. As a Gastonia car accident attorney can confirm, these accidents tend to occur most frequently at intersections when drivers don’t follow traffic signals.
  • Multi-vehicle accidents. These accidents involve three or more vehicles and can have disastrous results. Multi-vehicle collisions usually are caused by a chain reaction rear-end collision. Since multiple parties are involved in these accidents, it can be more difficult to establish fault.
  • Low-speed accidents. Not all car accidents occur when vehicles are driving at high speeds. However, even when a vehicle is only traveling at 10 mph, it can still cause serious injuries, especially to pedestrians and bicyclists. For instance, if a driver is backing out of a driveway and hits a pedestrian, the pedestrian could suffer various injuries, like whiplash, broken bones and crush injuries.

Why Car Accidents Occur

Car accidents can result from a number of different reasons. Some of them are caused by adverse weather or poor road conditions. Many of them occur due to driver error. When drivers are negligent in some way, accidents are more likely to occur. For example, if a driver is distracted with texting or using GPS devices, he or she may not be able to concentrate on the road ahead and cause an accident. Likewise, if a driver is very tired, he or she may have less focus and reduced reaction times, increasing the risk of a crash. 

Other common causes of car accidents include speeding, running red lights, tailgating and drunk driving. If you were hurt in an accident caused by a negligent driver, you should contact a Gastonia car accident attorney.

Call an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Gastonia

The lawyers at Ted A. Greve & Associates, P.A. can fight even the biggest and most powerful insurance companies and ensure you get maximum compensation for your auto insurance claim, and can even take your case to court if needed.
With more than 20 years of experience in personal injury cases, including car accidents, they have gained a high success rate when it comes to protecting their clients. More than that, they will treat you with family-like empathy throughout your ordeal, helping you cope with your distress so that you can focus on your recovery.

Trust an attorney from Ted A. Greve & Associates, P.A. Call them at (844) 387-8677 for a free consultation.