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Rock HillSouth Carolina holds the unique distinction of being the only major city within the vast Charlotte Metropolitan Area metro area not found in North Carolina. This presents businesses and residents the lucrative opportunity to take advantage of the different tax structures and relocation incentives that South Carolina has in place, while being a part of the phenomenal growth surrounding Charlotte.

Rock Hill reported its population as 48,765 during the Census 2000. The SC 2003 estimate shows an increase to more than 56,000. Rock Hill is the fifth largest city in South Carolinaand the largest city in York County. It claims a superb business location directly off Interstate 77 and 25 miles from downtown Charlotte. The North Carolina border lies 15 miles to the north.

Rock Hill, SC presents a culturally diverse face to the world. City limit signs call it a city “with no room for racism”. In 1961, nine Afro-American students went to jail for staging a sit-in at the McCrory’s Drug Store in violation of the segregation laws. Today, Rock Hill actively welcomes international firms of all races. Joining the 450 Charlotte firms that come from around the globe, Rock Hill presently claims thirty-seven international corporations. This creates a wonderful diversity in retail shops and restaurants.

Old Town Rock Hill greatly reflects the many cultures and moods of the city. Old Town extends more than 1½ miles in each direction from the center of Rock Hill. Twelve differen tneighborhoods flourish here, each with its own unique atmosphere. The Downtown area is part of Old Town. In 2001, strong city leaders developed a vision for sustained redevelopment of this intriguing ‘small town in the heart of a growing city’. Today, York County and Charlotte residents love to come and wander the streets of Old Town Rock Hill and the detailed plans for the future will only make it better.

Rock Hill, SC is home to three excellent colleges: Winthrop UniversityYork Technical College, and Clinton Junior College. This gives Rock Hill an exciting, youthful atmosphere. Sports are a large part of Rock Hill life, and the parks and recreation department maintains numerous playing fields.

Numerous trails and greenways run throughout the city, perfect for biking, hiking and horseback riding. Rock Hill tends to its young. Programs such as Environmental Education and Extreme Teens show young people the wonders of the outdoors. Courses in river paddling and rock climbing enable residents to enjoy the marvelous terrain of York County.


Rock Hill is home to two courts – the Municipal Court and the Magistrate Court. The Municipal Court, in turn, convenes a number of court types to discuss different cases. Environmental Court, Fraudulent Check Court, Bond Estreatments, Jury Trails, Bond Hearings and Bench Nonjury Court are some of them matters handled by the Municipal Court. It is located in downtown Rock Hill, close to the Law Center. The Magistrate Court is located on Cherry Road in Rock Hill. It handles civil, criminal and traffic cases. In the case of civil cases, the Magistrate Court has jurisdiction when the contested amount of money is not more than $7,500 for one side.

Municipal Court

120 E. Black Street

Rock Hill, SC  29730

Tel: (803) 329-5695

Magistrate Court

529 S Cherry Road

Rock Hill, SC 29730

Tel: (803) 909-7606


The city of Rock Hill is home to a single DMV office located at Hands Mill Road. This DMV location handles the full range of DMV licensing and registration services. Services offered at this location include identification cards and tests for licensing, registration of vehicles, plates registration and tilting. Road tests for driver licenses are conducted from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Apart from the five days of the week, the location also offers a limited set of services on Sunday.

Rock Hill DMV

305 Hands Mill Road

Rock Hill, SC 29732

Tel: (803) 329-6332

Services: Knowledge Tests, Road Test, Motorcycle Skills Test, CDL Knowledge Test, CDL Road Test


Rock Hill Police Department ensures the safety and wellbeing of more than 70,000 residents of the city. The Department has a number of special units including forensics, bomb squad, K-9, hostage negotiation, narcotics, SRO, SWAT, traffic and street crimes. Rock Hill Police Department is committed to the key values of loyalty, integrity, community, excellence and teamwork. The Department is organized under the Office of the Chief. The Office is home to Crime Analyst, Accreditation Manager and Public Information Officer as well.

Rock Hill Police Department

120 E. Black Street

Rock Hill, SC 29730

Tel: (803) 329-7200


Rock Hill Fire Department

214 S. Elizabeth Lane

Rock Hill, SC 29730

Tel: (803) 329-7220

The Rock Hill Fire Department offers fire safety, prevention and mitigation services to the residents of the city. The department is
broadly divided into three divisions – fire prevention, fire suppression and administration. The department delivers services over an area of 39 square miles. More than 120 personnel serve the department at its locations throughout the city. In all, the Rock Hill Fire Department has 6 stations. The department also provides a variety of community services including blood pressure checks, free smoke alarms, fire safety inspections, emergency evacuation plans and more.


York County Library – Main

138 E Black St

Rock Hill, SC 29730

Tel: (803) 981-5858

The city of Rock Hill is home to a number of libraries. The most notable among these is the York County Library. It offers access to a vast and rich body of resource materials. The library also has outreach programs for the residents of Rock Hill. It offers educational and recreational opportunities for adults and children alike through various workshops and other arrangements. On-campus libraries in Rock Hill include the Winthrop University Dacus Library and the York Technical College Library.


Piedmont Medical Center

222 South Herlong Avenue

Rock Hill, SC 29732

Tel: (803) 329-1234

One of the main public healthcare facilities in Rock Hill, South Carolina is the Piedmont Medical Center. The Center traces its origins back to 1983 when it first opened its doors to patients in Rock Hill. It has since gone from strength to strength, thanks to its unwavering commitment to compassionate and world-class healthcare services for patients.

The Center is a 288-bed facility where highly qualified and experienced medical experts and professionals provide their services. The comfortable and compassionate environment offered at the facility is instrumental in helping patients recover in a timely manner. The hospital is also home to state-of-the-art facilities, healthcare technologies and equipment to serve the patients in the best way possible.

Piedmont Medical Center offers a wide range of medical services. These include cardiovascular services, preventive health, services related to maternal car and more. In addition to the provision of healthcare services, the hospital also spearheads various educational initiatives every year.


The city of Rock Hill is home to a number of highly important and significant historical landmarks. These include The White Home, The Museum of York County, the Brattonsville Historic site and the Main Street Children’s Museum.

The White Home

258 E White Street

Rock Hill, SC 29730

Tel: 803-329-1020

The White Home is the place where the new and the old meet. This is a place which offers a glimpse into the history, art, craftsmanship and other cultural aspects of South Carolina. The historic museum is aptly set at its present location where the White family lived for five continuous generations.

The Museum of York County

4621 Mt Gallant Road

Rock Hill, SC  29732

Tel: 803-329-2121

The Museum of York County is a Culture & Heritage museum which is home to various fascinating historical collections. The Naturalist Center at the museum showcases more than 2,000 specimens. The museum also hosts the Settlemyre Planetarium which lets visitors get a glimpse of the cosmos. For the younger visitors, the museum offers access to Tot Town, a learning space with emphasis on fun and recreation.

Main Street Children’s Museum

133 E. Main Street

Rock Hill, SC  29730

Tel: 803-327-6400

The Main Street Children’s Museum is a treasure-trove for the young ones. The museum offers

opportunities of development learning for your young one. American illustrator Vernon Grant’s vision and art are the key motivators behind the establishment of this little gem of a museum.

Historic Brattonsville

1444 Brattonsville Road

McConnells, SC  29726

Tel; 803-684-2327

Brattonsville is a Historic District in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The 775-acre site is home to more than 30 structures and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The site was once a home of the Bratton family. The vast site offers a glimpse into the culture of the South Carolinas from before American Independence through to the Civil War and later.

Rock Hill, South Carolina remains a vital, dynamic city, full of optimism and great ideas for the future. A designated Tree City USA and home to marvelous natural beauty such as Glencairn Gardens, Rock Hill proves to be more than just a good business locale; it is also a splendid place to live.


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