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Hickory Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Rider and motorcycle lying on the ground after a crash before calling a Hickory Motorcycle Accident LawyerA Hickory motorcycle accident lawyer has seen the devastation that can occur because a car driver struck a motorcyclist. Car drivers frequently are zooming from one place to another and without regard for the safety of others. When a driver chooses to be reckless, they are putting the wellbeing of others in jeopardy. This is especially true for motorcyclists, who often don’t get much consideration when sharing the road. If you were injured in a serious motorcycle wreck, please contact Ted A. Greve & Associates as soon as you can about receiving compensation. For now, here are some tips to help keep you safe when traveling on a motorcycle.

Always Gear Up

Wear sleeves and long pants made of protective material, like leather. Put on durable boots that cover the ankles, eye protection on the helmet, and gloves. The items you put on your body before going out for a ride could be what makes the difference between life and death. So they are important and you should never go without proper gear. When the temperature gets colder, don’t forget to add heavier gear or lawyers that are designed for low temperatures.

Be Seen, Make Eye Contact

To increase visibility for yourself, consider wearing bright colors. You can add reflective aspects to your bike and clothing, and use your headlight whether it is daytime or nighttime. As a Hickory motorcycle accident lawyer suggests, ride in the area of the lane that makes you most visible to motorists and honk if you don’t know if a driver sees you. If possible, try to make eye contact with a driver when yielding ahead of them or making a turn at an intersection.

Wear a Good Helmet

Wear helmets that are full-face and have been approved by the Department of Transportation. Preferably, you would wear a light-colored helmet for the most visibility. It is imperative that you have a helmet on when riding always, even if state law allows you to not have one. By using a helmet, you are greatly decreasing your chances of sustaining a head injury that could be life-threatening. You will need to replace your helmet approximately every five years or so, but sooner if it doesn’t fit you properly, pieces have broken off, or you were involved in a crash.

What To Do After a Crash

The best way to watch out for your best interests after a motorcycle wreck is to visit with a Hickory motorcycle accident lawyer. At Ted A. Greve & Associates, we are accustomed to helping people who became victims in serious injury accidents, like a motorcycle crash. We know that motorcyclists deserve so much more consideration on the road but the fact is that most drivers do not give them that decency. If you were hit by a careless driver and sustained injury and property damage, then our team can help. Reach out today to receive a consultation and advice on how to pursue compensation for your damages and loss.