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Road accidents are among the most prevalent types of accidents which could involve motorbikes, cars or trucks. There is more focus placed on cars because a significant percentage of people use them for day-to-day activities. Through this process, Uber has evolved and become a fast-rising transportation service to save many lives and jobs. Therefore, it is impossible to say that Uber accidents are not possible too. A Shelby Uber accident attorney is that person who understands the rulings of the law and takes up your case to make sure everything works in your favor.
If a road accident happens, the question then is: “Do I need an attorney to handle my Uber accident case?” Well, if you ever get involved in an Uber accident on any Shelby road like North Carolina’s, you will likely need an attorney from Ted A. Greve & Associates to help you out of such a situation.
Whether you are a driver or a passenger in an Uber accident, there are benefits you will enjoy at the end of the day. In your best interest, an attorney has a better chance at winning rather than you representing yourself in court to plead your case. The roles of an attorney include; preparing initial pleadings, responding to motions, presenting evidence and testimonies, etc. Call us today to schedule your free consultation and pursue compensation for your Uber accident.

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What Does an Attorney Do in An Uber Accident Case?

As mentioned above, an attorney is a spokesperson under the law to help relate your case to the public, including the judge and jury to make sure you are justified for what has happened. There are cases where you could be at fault, especially as a driver, but having an experienced car accident lawyer to help you out is going to do you a great deal of good.
Attorneys are very familiar with law proceedings, court decisions as well as regulations associated with such an incident because they have been trained in a law school on how to present cases and information in a courtroom. As such, these attorneys already know what the verdict of the jury or judge is, and find better ways on how to save a client in the best manner from such a situation.
Besides, when severe injuries occur from an Uber accident, proper documentation of medical costs and procedures will be taken. They are marked as resources in court to increase the possibility of winning the case. Witnesses to the incident are also brought into the picture to gain more insight into what happened and why it happened. Sometimes, these set of people are the reasons why many win cases that have to do with accidents. With all the right things in place, it is very sure that the last sentence is given in a courtroom; this is all with the help of a good personal injury attorney.

What Are the Possible Outcomes from An Uber Accident Case?

In a courtroom, there are different kinds of judgment that can be passed depending on the people involved, the severity of injury from the accident, witnesses during the time of the incident, and the skill of an attorney representing the defense counsel. Hiring a reasonable defense attorney goes a long way, because he or she has to speak, give guides, tell you possible outcomes, and negotiates with the affected party on how you can be free and acquainted.
Sometimes, what happens in a courtroom can be in favor of or against the defending party, but whatever comes out of it, an attorney has done his or her job by speaking on your behalf. Now, take, for instance, an Uber accident occurs along North Carolina road, Shelby, in which the driver is at fault, below are the possible outcomes in a courtroom;

  • License suspension
  • Providing settlements (monetary) to the affected party
  • Covering medical costs and future expenses
  • Free discharge

However, most of the times, the guilty party in such an accident is ordered by the court to provide settlements to the other party that was affected. This is the easiest and most friendly way of solving an accident case, especially when Uber is involved.

A sign indicating an Uber pickup area.
Uber accidents lead to complicated insurance payouts. Schedule your free consultation with Ted Greve & Associates to learn how we can help your case.

What Does an Uber Accident Attorney in Shelby, NC Stand to Gain?

Every attorney wants to take up a case that will be beneficial to them, especially those that will give a lift in their career; therefore, taking up an Uber accident case is going to be profitable. Everyone knows Uber to be a king company in the transportation industry, and having an affair with or against them is going to be huge because as an attorney, you can gain from both sides. For instance, if you are defending the company for the accident that happened along North Carolina, you can win the case in their favor, and if otherwise, you can win the case in the victim’s favor; either way, there is something to gain.

Contact an Uber Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has been involved in an Uber accident in Shelby contact an attorney at Ted A. Greve & Associates today. It is important you have someone to help you through the complicated insurance process that comes with ridesharing service accidents. We will get you the compensation you deserve, call today for a free case evaluation.