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Two cars crashed on the road before calling a Hickory Car Accident LawyerIn the days after a serious car accident, people can suffer greatly, and may need help from a Hickory car accident lawyer to represent your case. Vehicle collisions can cause significant property damage, injury, and financial loss to the drivers involved. After receiving prompt medical attention, you will have to notify your insurance company about the accident and then speak with an insurance adjuster about the incident. At Ted A. Greve & Associates, we often warn people about speaking with an insurance adjuster. These are representatives from an insurance company who actually do not have your best of interest at heart. But your legal team can be your best advocate and will know how to protect you from the very start. Don’t hesitate to call us today for further assistance.

Adjusters Are Not On Your Side

An insurance adjuster is someone who wants you to trip up on your words and then use them against you. Despite being the victim in a difficult situation, insurance companies are focused on reducing how much they spend on client claims. It doesn’t matter that insurance commercials send the message that they are reliable and there for people when an accident happens. Many claimants find the exact opposite. An insurance adjuster is an example of how insurance companies take advantage of innocent people. Before speaking with an insurance adjuster, contact a Hickory car accident lawyer for protection.

Refuse Recorded Statements

The initial contact from an insurance adjuster will probably be within the few days after, but certainly within the first few weeks. The adjuster may ask that your conversation be recorded for informational purposes. But what they really mean is they want to be able to play back your statements and then misconstrued them in a way that negatively affects your claim. Refuse to offer a recorded statement until you have spoken with your lawyer, as they can prepare you for the conversation or handle it for you instead. Your lawyer will know what to say, and what not to say, to yield the highest settlement offer possible.

Do Not Accept Low Settlement

If you get a speedy settlement offer in the days after your car accident, that’s probably because the value of your claim is substantial. Insurance companies want people to accept a settlement offer quickly so that there is less time for the claimant to understand the scope of their situation. An insurance company may make it seem like what they are offering you is more than fair, and that you need to accept it right away before it expires. However, as your Hickory car accident lawyer can explain, insurance companies know the value of your claim but usually offer low settlements as their first offer because claimants don’t realize they have an option to request more. At Ted A. Greve & Associates, we have negotiated fair insurance claim settlement awards for clients who were truly in need. We can do the same for you. Call today or as soon as you can for support.