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Augusta, GA

Augusta, Georgia is a consolidated city in the U.S., located at the fall line of the Savannah River, at the head of its navigable portion. As of the 2010 census, the Augusta–Richmond County population was 195,844 not counting the unconsolidated cities of Hephzibah and Blythe.

Augusta is the principal city of the Augusta – Richmond County Metropolitan Statistical Area, which as of 2010 had an estimated population of 556,877, making it both the second-largest city and the second-largest metro area in the state after Atlanta. It is the 116th-largest city in the United States. Internationally, Augusta is best known for hosting The Masters Tournament in golf each spring.

The area along the river was long inhabited by varying cultures of indigenous peoples, who relied on the river for fish, water and transportation. The site of Augusta was used by Native Americans as a place to cross the Savannah River, because of its location on the fall line.

In 1735, two years after James Oglethorpe founded Savannah, he sent a detachment of troops to explore up the Savannah River. He gave them an order to build at the head of the navigable part of the river. The expedition was led by Noble Jones, who created the settlement to provide the first line of defense for coastal areas against potential Spanish or French invasion from the interior.

Oglethorpe named the town Augusta, in honor of Princess Augusta, wife of Frederick, Prince of Wales and mother of the future King George III of the United Kingdom. Augusta was the second state capital of Georgia from 1785 until 1795 (alternating for a period with Savannah, the first).

It was in the area of Georgia developed as the Black Belt, for large cotton plantations, after the invention of the cotton gin made use of short-staple cotton more profitable. The commodity crops were worked by enslaved Africans, many brought from the Low Country, where the Gullah culture had developed on its large Sea Island cotton and rice plantations.

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Augusta Courthouses

The court system within Georgia divides into two primary levels, the trial and appellate court levels. After that, the levels split into many smaller levels. For example, the trial level divides down into the many other divisions, but still the large or high-profile cases more forward into the Superior Courts. Other cases go to either the Municipal, Magistrate, or State courts. This dive into the court system is just a small look into the extensive legal network throughout Augusta. 

Within the appellate system interconnects with the Appeals and Georgia Supreme Court system in Atlanta. If you’re going through this system, you will likely spend time in court both in Atlanta and Augusta. The Augusta courts handle matters in a very efficient manner made possible by the technologically advanced Augusta Judicial Center. Take advantage of quality legal counsel and this guide to understand the correct courthouse you need. 

State Courts

Augusta Judicial Center

735 James Brown Blvd. 

Augusta, GA 30901 

Tel: (706) 821-2426 

The Augusta Judicial Center holds the superior, state, magistrate, probate and juvenile courts for Augusta-Richmond County. Try using their website to pay your traffic tickets online or check out their list of useful forms if you are representing yourself. If you have any doubts as to which courthouse is right for your legal issue, the Augusta Judicial Center is a safe bet. Here’s a breakdown of what each court at this location handles:

The Superior Court is for more serious disputes and cases. They preside over all felony trials, have exclusive jurisdiction over divorces, and deal with land title cases. They can also hear civil matters, but generally civil cases are handled by the State Court;

The State Court hears misdemeanors including traffic violations, issue search, and arrest warrants, hold preliminary hearings in criminal cases, and try civil matters (without regard to the amount in controversy) not reserved exclusively for the superior courts;

The Magistrate Court handles small civil claims worth up to $15,000 and minor misdemeanors;

The Probate Court mostly oversees the distribution of deceased individuals’ estates according to their will or trust, but also can order the involuntary hospitalization for incapacitated adults and appoint legal guardians to oversee their financial affairs; and
The Juvenile Court hears cases where a minor has been accused of a criminal offense or when a minor is believed to have been abused or neglected.

Augusta Municipal Building

530 Greene St. 

Augusta, GA 30911 

Tel: (706) 821-2426 

The Municipal Court was established by the city to hear city ordinance violations, traffic infractions, and other minor misdemeanors.

Federal Courts

Augusta Courthouse

600 James Brown Blvd. 

Augusta, GA 30901 

Tel: (706) 849-4400 

The Augusta Courthouse is a branch for the Southern District of Georgia. This facility includes the U.S. District Court, Probation Officer, and Bankruptcy Court for this District. Only federal matters are handled here, and only at the trial level. The Southern District of Georgia has six branch locations in Augusta, Brunswick, Dublin, Savannah, Waycross, and Statesboro, and handles federal cases arising from 43 counties throughout southeastern Georgia. If you need to appeal a case tried here, the proper venue is the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, which is headquartered in Atlanta and presides over Georgia, Alabama, and Florida.

Augusta DMV’s

DMV trips are not something that most people look forward to, but they are vital for going about your day to day errands. From registering your vehicle to testing for special licenses, you need to find the right DMV location for you. Within Augusta, there are three locations which serve specific purposes. 

Use this guide to find the office that suits you to ensure that you don’t waste any time at the wrong location. Each location is well-known for handling all requests quickly, a bonus for the Augusta community. Additionally, you can schedule an appointment to save even more time. 

Motor Vehicle Division Tag Office

2816 Washington Road

Augusta, GA 30909

(706) 821-2476

Driver License Office

3423 Mike Padgett Hwy

Augusta, GA 30916

(706) 771-7815

MVD Tag Office

3463 A Peach Orchard Rd

Augusta, GA 30906

(706) 821-247

Augusta Police Departments

Handling various aspects of criminal activity, complaints of disrupting behavior, and more the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office serves the community well. Often playing major roles in resolving violent crime matters, youth-related crime, and everyday issues such as assisting drivers with registering police reports, the Augusta PD is available to help. 

As part of their stance on preserving the community within Augusta, the police department joins up with various non-emergency programs as well. Look out for police participating in community events and aiming to raise awareness of crime prevention and on when to take action. As a proactive force, they aim to cultivate peace within the community. 

Richmond County Sheriff’s Office

400 Walton Way

Augusta, GA 30901


The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing the highest level of public service while practicing the ultimate ideals of law enforcement excellence. Using the philosophy of problem-solving oriented policing, they will partner with the community to provide compassionate service with a can-do spirit and integrity.

Augusta Fire Departments

The many fire stations dotted throughout Augusta provide a fast and reliable response to all variety of emergency situations. Far from only battling fires, the Augusta Fire Department acts as first responders to violent crimes, car accidents, and more. The proud fire team aid the community with immediate response and strive to provide life-changing services in many situations. 

Fire Departments are well-known as first responders, and in Augusta, that notion has gone a step further. The Augusta Fire Department plays an active role within the community. They aim to help those in need, even when the event is not a crisis situation. 

Augusta Fire Department

3117 Deans Bridge Road

Augusta, GA 30906

(706) 821-2909

Augusta-Richmond County Emergency Management serves a population of 200,000 covering 324 square miles.

Augusta Libraries

Augusta-Richmond County Public Library System

823 Telfair St

Augusta, GA 30901

(706) 821-2600

Within Augusta-Richmond, the county is a rich network of public libraries. The Augusta-Richmond County Public Library System six collective libraries that serve the country connect through a Public Information Network for Electronic Services or PINES. Ultimately, PINES connect these country libraries with the even larger network of public libraries all through the state of Georgia. The headquarters of the county library system is right within Augusta and is available for anyone to use. 

Aside from PINES, the Augusta library system ties with the GALILEO program through the University of Georgia. Officially the GALILEO program provides access to numerous databases providing valuable access to information. The combination of these three networks results in more than ten million books, journals, and periodicals being available to the Augusta residents.  

Augusta Hospitals

As a city, Augusta provides a wide range of health care options. With many medical facilities, it’s likely that you can find a specific center for your particular need. Some only provide services to particular groups such as the Army Medical Center, while others specialize in particular aspects of care. Use this guide to identify which facility is right for you. In emergency situations, contact emergency medical services for transportation or instruction. 

Dwight David Eisenhower Army Medical Center

300 East Hospital Road

Fort Gordon, GA 30905

(706) 787-5811

This Dwight David Eisenhower Army Medical Center is only available to military personnel, their dependents, and selected other personnel.  Special security and registration requirements apply.

Augusta University Medical Center

1120 15th St.

Augusta, GA 30912 

(706) 721-2273 or (800) 736-2273 

Based in Augusta, Georgia, Augusta University Health is a world-class health care network, offering the most comprehensive primary, specialty, and subspecialty care in the region. Augusta University Health provides skilled, compassionate care to its patients, conducts leading-edge clinical research, and fosters the medical education and training of tomorrow’s health care practitioners. Augusta University Health is a not-for-profit corporation that manages the clinical operations associated with Augusta University.

Doctors Hospital

3651 Wheeler Rd.

Augusta, GA 30909 

(706) 651-3232

University Hospital

1350 Walton Way

Augusta, GA 30901 

(706) 722-9011

By continuously responding to the needs of the community, the University Health Care System has grown into one of the largest, most comprehensive health care providers in Georgia and the CSRA. University provides compassionate and skilled care through inpatient care at two hospitals, three extended care nursing facilities, home health, primary and prompt care facilities, rehabilitative care programs, and more.

Trinity Hospital of Augusta

2260 Wrightsboro Rd.

Augusta, GA 30904 

(706) 481-7000

As the area’s only faith-based hospital, Trinity Hospital of Augusta is an acute care hospital that offers progressive healthcare through cutting-edge technology. For more than 60 years, the hospital has provided surgical, and inpatient and outpatient services to meet the community’s needs. Accredited by The Joint Commission, Trinity Hospital is recognized as a provider of quality healthcare designed to meet patients’ physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center 

950 15th Street Downtown or 

1 Freedom Way Uptown 

Augusta, GA 30904

(706) 733-0188

Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center is a two-division, three Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) medical center providing tertiary care in medicine, surgery, neurology, psychiatry, rehabilitation medicine, and spinal cord injury.  The Downtown Division is authorized 156 beds (58 medicine, 27 surgery, and 71 spinal cord injury). The Uptown Division, located approximately three miles away, is authorized 93 beds (68 psychiatry, 15 blind rehabilitation and 10 rehabilitation medicine).  In addition, a 132-bed Restorative/Nursing Home Care Unit and a 60-bed Domiciliary are located at the Uptown Division. The medical center serves as a network resource for the treatment of spinal cord injury, blind rehabilitation, post-traumatic stress disorder, and psychiatry patients.

Augusta Landmarks

Among Augusta’s many landmarks, the National, or officially: Augusta National Golf Club, is one of the most prestigious clubs in the world. Exclusive and famous, this private club operates as a for-profit company and provides a higher-level of security and privacy for its members. 

The course, designed by Bobby Jones and Alister Mackenzie first opened in the early 1930s. Jones, as one of the founders, along with Clifford Roberts, ensured the success of the club by hosting major championships, and an annual Masters Tournament. Quickly it became one of the top courses in the country and then in the world. It’s a must-see spot if you’re visiting Augusta although you’ll be lucky if you can actually enter the grounds. 

As a centerpiece of the Confederate Army’s manufacturing efforts, the war hardly touched Augusta. That, however, doesn’t mean there is no presence of it in the city today. Now you can see the old structures of ammunition plants including the Confederate Powder Works which encompasses 26 buildings down a strip of the canal. Augusta has become a hot spot for civil war enthusiasts as the chimneys from the Confederate Powder Works are the last standing structures which were built by the Confederate States. 

Among manufacturing munitions, Augusta provided the Confederate Army with food, cotton, and many other daily necessities. The city prepared as a stronghold which ultimately was never put to the test. When visiting, you can see the wall reinforcements behind the Magnolia Cemetery while also visiting many Confederate generals. The most famous Confederate soldier on the grounds is Porter Alexander, an artillery commander for Robert E. Lee. This cemetery is famous for taking in the dead and then wounded from nearby battles. 

Augusta is one of the best tours on any Civil War step back into time. You can travel down the Augusta Canal and see the expanse of the Confederate Powder Works, Magnolia Cemetery and the Confederate Monument at once. Then finish off your tour with a trip to the home of President Woodrow Wilson who lived within the city as a boy during the civil war. 


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