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Medical malpractice is professional misconduct where medical personnel wrongly administers to a patient or lacks in-depth skill. A single fault can cost several lives, which is against what the health sector stands for. The medical officers include nurses, doctors, therapists, and several others in the health care sector to help patients. There are medical malpractice lawyers in Augusta at Ted A. Greve & Associates who are ready to take up your case. Simple lack of skill in this regard can lead to further complications, exposure to several illnesses, and even deaths.

So many healthcare providers in Augusta have gotten away with this act because proper legal measures were not taken. This is why people are urged to get an Augusta personal injury lawyer with a good reputation. These set of people are principled, and they have a profound understanding of the law. They make sure everything works in your favor, so you don’t have to worry; although, they provide numerous services alongside. Most medical issues that are seen are from surgical errors, misdiagnosis, or not seeking a patient’s consent before treatment. There is medical malpractice from any of these acts which could affect lives.
If you have suffered at the hands of a medical professional, call our offices today at (844)387-8677 to speak with our experienced medical malpractice lawyers in Augusta. They will provide a free consultation, allowing you to have all of your questions answered by someone with years of experience.

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What Legal Theories Are Proposed for Medical Malpractice?

What causes Medical malpractice is mostly negligence, whereby a healthcare provider gets distracted and does the wrong thing. These people are advised to be in the right state of mind before attempting to treat anyone else. If things go wrong, there will be a question on their sanity and confidence; a troubled mind should treat no one. However, if this ends up happening, the elements below are what establishes the possibility of medical malpractice;


This element is the first that must be established, and it consists of a function which shows a doctor-patient relationship. This is useful information that can be presented in court to prove medical misconduct.


Now, the plaintiff, who is making the case on behalf of the victim, must show what has been breached. In this regard, the approved standard of care that has been violated will be presented to make a good case.


One thing is to know what has been breached; another thing is making a connection with whatever has happened. The medical violations must attest to the fact that it is the main cause of what happened to the victim.

A person in medical scrubs who has been handcuffed.
If you are suffering from medical personnel error Ted A. Greve & Associates will help you seek maximum compensation.


Finally, this is the observable element which tells the amount of damage that is done due to this medical negligence. It could either be in injuries, internal complications, or even death, depending on the severity.
All these elements above are legal theories proposed by a medical malpractice attorney to make a good case in court.

What Are the Roles of a Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

Many are still quizzed at what the roles and functions of a malpractice lawyer are; well, here they are. They work hand-in-hand with professional healthcare providers to develop detailed case theories, gather reports to support a case.
They set up medical examinations independently, also called IME‘s for a fair evaluation of the victim’s condition. Also, these lawyers take depositions, gather and analyze medical records that will be in favor of the plaintiff
Finally, they form a coalition with legal nurse consultants to make sure case merits are examined critically. They even review medical records and decipher medical notes written
Now that the roles of a medical malpractice lawyer are clearly understood, it is convenient to say that these people are intelligent. They have a brilliant idea on what they do and are not only skilled in law, but also health. The only best thing for you to do as a plaintiff is to hire the best attorney in the business.

How to Get a Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

Being a medical malpractice lawyer is not an easy job because they must have gone through law school for skills. They have attained the right level of education to make them fit for the legal position of defending a plaintiff. In addition to all these achievements, these lawyers must have obtained a board certification that proves that they are certified.
At Ted A. Greve & Associates, we have excellent Augusta medical malpractice lawyers who have fulfilled all mandatory levels of achievement. We have a proper understanding of the law, and we are passionate about rebuilding lives from terrible incidents like this. Contact our offices today to get our experts fighting for you.