You guys are wonderful. I could not have asked for anyone to be better to me than you all have. I wish I would have found your firm in 2004 instead of 2006. My fight was so much easier with all your help, and you made me feel like someone special. Thanks for all the hard work, I will never forget it!

– Teresa B. Gutierrez

I’ve given good years to my company working as a forklift operator . . .
pulled overtime, missed family time. . . When I got hurt on the job, the company doctor put me right back to lifting. My back was killing me – but nobody was listening. I was in real pain and afraid about my future. Ted Greve & Associates helped get my work comp straight. I’ve worked hard and I expect to be treated fairly.

– Joan Bell

If you have a Social Security disability claim, it’s not easy. There are hearings, all kinds of forms and it’s got to be done just right! I needed help with my claim. A friend told me about Ted Greve and Associates. They have convenient locations all over the area. I don’t like driving in traffic so they came out to explain what had to be done . . . and did it! I am very satisfied with the results.

– Pat Cochrane

I was on the overhead crosswalk coming back from the race – then the bridge just crumbled beneath me. I was hurt bad. Everything was a mess! I couldn’t go to work . . . my mailbox was full of mail from lawyers. I didn’t know what to do. But a friend told me about Ted Greve & Associates. Dr. Ted took the time to make things right. I was still hurting . . .but Ted Greve & Associates was with me every step of the way.

– Steve Southern