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One of the deadliest types of crashes a driver can be part of is a collision with a semi or commercial truck. Trucks, tractor-trailers, trailers in transit and other 18-wheelers are much larger, don’t have the stopping power of smaller vehicles and often have wider blind-spots. Crashes with trucks often lead to severe injuries, life-changing disability, and even death. If you were part of a truck accident, you should not go through this claim alone. It might seem like your file your insurance claim as usual. That is the start of the process. However, a truck accident lawyer in Shelby can better handle the driver or trucking company involved.
At Ted A. Greve and Associates, we help victims of truck accidents stand up to large trucking companies. We put our extensive experience and knowledge to work in each case. Negotiating and delivering a compelling case are two aspects of your claim that you need a lawyer to handle. Call today to seek maximum compensation for your truck accident injury.

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Types of Truck Accidents

Unlike standard sedans, trucks maneuver and generally handle differently. Because of this difference in size and structure, truck accidents come in a much more extensive range of accidents. Determining the type of accident can help everyone involved in the case understand the root of the problem and what led to the crash.
These are the common types or causes of truck accidents:

  • Roll-overs
  • Jackknives
  • Underride accidents
  • Weather-related accidents
  • Impaired driver crashes
  • Violation of safety laws, overbooking, or other company negligence
  • Overloaded truck trailers
  • Cargo spills
  • Cargo that was improperly secured
  • Driver fatigue
  • Sideswipes from blind spots
  • Head-on collisions

These types of accidents and causes of accidents lead to injuries and deaths every year. Unfortunately, the many safety regulations and precautions put into place fall by the wayside. Rather than implement them and allow drivers to operate safely, many trucking companies put an emphasis on efficiency, cut corners, and then still deny responsibility after a crash.

What a Truck Accident Lawyer in Shelby Can Do for You

The worst aspect of dealing with these types of accidents is that you can’t count on the standard resolution process. Unlike what happens during a typical insurance claim, you’re stuck dealing with the other driver and their company.
A trucking company will likely have an alternative form of insurance and a high-powered legal team behind their defense. Even if it seems like it was their driver’s fault, they will fight relentlessly to get out paying compensation for anything.
Having a truck accident attorney on your side can give you some stability in what to expect from your claim. They can explain if the trucking company is the appropriate entity to seek compensation from, and if not, how to proceed.
Resolving these cases comes with a variety of options, including seeking compensation from the driver separately from the company. Although that is not the first option in nearly any case, there’s no doubt that it’s a better alternative than receiving no payout at all.
Car accident lawyers will often be able to layout a reasonable goal for compensation clearly, and who to pursue for damages and medical costs.
A truck lying on its side after an accident.

Contact Ted A. Greve and Associates

Working with a personal injury lawyer to resolve your claim is only one step of your recovery. The injuries that you or your family member sustained from the crash can alter the rest of your life. A single day, a driver failing to use a turn signal, or a trucker too tired to drive can impact your day to day habits. Daily life changes after these traumatic accidents.
As part of the compensation, you need to pursue the expenses from medical costs, but to also look at related aspects of financial damages. Will you be able to return to work with your injuries? How much work did you miss? Then consider the non-financial costs.
What quality of life will you have after full recovery? If you lost a loved one as a result of the accident, how can you cope with that loss of companionship? These questions all fall to your attorney at Ted A. Greve & Associates.
Too often people feel confident taking on their claims by themselves. However, you can’t count on your insurance company to defend you. They want the claim open and closed as fast as possible. That’s not good for you.
Hire a lawyer and learn what your options are regarding settlements, compensation, and even the possibilities of this claim going to court. Call Ted A. Greve and Associates. You can find out what nuances of your case could affect your claim and how to fight for fair compensation.