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Losing a person close to you in an accident or because of another person’s careless acts is tragic. You do have legal options and people that you can turn to for guidance. Contact Ted A. Greve and Associates, where a wrongful death attorney from Shelby, NC can begin helping you.
Through some of the most difficult moments to face in life, legal action is not the top priority. As things begin to settle down, or financial struggle sets in, you and your family may begin to put the pieces back together. Part of that step is seeking compensation for financial loss.
There are many situations when a wrongful death claim can hold the at-fault person, or people, responsible. A sympathetic member of our legal team will help you through your questions and carefully handle your concerns. Call today to schedule a free consultation for your wrongful death claim.

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What Counts as Wrongful Death?

The state of North Carolina denotes wrongful death as any death brought on by a wrongful act which would have led to a personal injury claim, had the victim lives. This definition is why personal injury attorneys also actively work wrongful death claims.
The same laws and statutes apply towards wrongful death as they do toward personal injury cases. However, unlike a personal injury claim, you are not only seeking compensation for property or medical damages.
You are seeking compensation for the financial strain that comes with losing a loved one as well as suffering and emotional distress which affect the survivors.
A wrongful death claim may hold a person accountable, deter future conduct, pay medical expenses, funeral expenses, and compensate the family for lost wages.
Work with an experienced wrongful death attorney in Shelby, NC, in an attempt to seek justice for your lost family member. We understand that this time is especially difficult. With legal guidance, you can decide if a wrongful death claim is right for you and your family.
Types of wrongful death claims will often include:

  • Auto accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Vehicular manslaughter
  • Drunk driving wrecks
  • Bicycle or pedestrian accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Child abuse and neglect
  • Workplace accidents

These types of claims are not the only instances of wrongful death. If someone passed away because of another person’s negligence, and their situation is not listed here, contact the law offices of Ted A. Greve and Associates for assistance in understanding your case.

How Can a Wrongful Death Lawyer Help Your Family?

Wrongful death cases hardly ever stand alone. Given that the victim is deceased, there is likely a connected criminal investigation and possibly a criminal trial. These cases are complex, can require teams of legal counsel and experts. Additionally, there may be other victims or extenuating circumstances to consider, as well.
A lawyer can help you on all of these fronts. Wrongful death attorneys are often able to work closely with police investigators, interview and depose witnesses as necessary, and collect evidence. Part of the job will also be to follow the criminal case proceedings carefully. The criminal and civil court systems are separate, but a decision in one court may affect the outcome of the case in the other court system.
The case to bring justice for your loved one may not be against a single person either. You may be filing a wrongful death case against a company, insurance agency, individual, or employer. Another layer of complexity knows when to file your claim.
In resolving cases that involve companies and insurance policies, a lawyer may piece apart from the expectations of compensation and how that entity tied into the accident. For matters regarding employers, your loved one may be part of a class-action claim.
A personal injury attorney can help you understand what aspects of the law weave into your case. They will have the resources available to navigate these unsteady expectations and adapt quickly to changing conditions in the case.

Contact Ted A. Greve And Associates for Help

When you and your family determine that it is time to seek justice or, put your lives back together, consult a lawyer. Ted A. Greve and Associates offers help to families of victims that left before their time.
Wrongful death is complicated to handle. Our team of attorneys will act with compassion and take great care to respect your loved one, and your families need to process the event. Our team will provide clear explanations on the time frame available to begin your claim and how things such as medical attention or the date of the accident may change that timeframe. Finally, our lawyers will set a clear path of expectations regarding both compensation and timelines for resolution.