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Decatur is a city in DeKalb County, Georgia, located approximately 18 miles from Atlanta. With a population of 20,148, the city is sometimes assumed to be larger since multiple zip codes in unincorporated DeKalb County bear the Decatur name. It is part of the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, and its public transportation is served by three MARTA rail stations. Ted A. Greve & Associates, P.A., is a Decatur GA personal injury lawyer dedicated to serving people who have been injured through no fault of their own.
For over 20 years our legal team has successfully represented victims of car accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, and various other personal injury accidents with utmost professionalism and personalization. We work aggressively and tirelessly and strive to ensure that our clients obtain the most advantageous outcome possible so that they can move forward with their lives and focus on their recovery. Call (844) 387-8677 for a free consultation if you have suffered any of the injuries below due to someone else’s negligence.

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We handle an extensive range of Georgia personal injury claims, such as

Auto Accidents

Car accidents are a primary cause of both injury and death in the United States, accounting for approximately three million injuries and 40,000 fatalities every year. Some of the most common causes of car wrecks include speeding, driver negligence or carelessness, driving under the influence, faulty vehicle parts, and poor driving conditions.

Truck Accidents

Thousands of trucks travel on our country’s roads and highways on a daily basis, and truck accidents are unfortunately a common occurrence due to the massive size and weight of these 18-wheelers, big rigs, tractor-trailers, and semi-trucks. Truck accidents can result in severe, life-changing injuries and fatalities. Among the common causes are driver negligence, driver inexperience, driver fatigue, improper loading procedures, and mechanical failures.

Bad Product/Bad Drug

Roughly 200,000 fatalities every year steam from harsh reactions to the harmful effects of some prescription drugs and medications. Health providers and drug manufacturers are legally liable for their unsafe products, particularly if they are improperly designed, manufactured, labeled or inspected.

Workers’ Compensation

All employees and workers are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits if they suffer injuries due to the scope of their employment or if they are injured at their place of business during working hours. Injured employees are entitled to receive reasonable medical coverage, lost wages reimbursement, and rehabilitation for permanent or serious injuries.

Social Security Disability

Social security disability is a type of compensation offered to disabled individuals who are unable to perform any gainful work and is usually given in the form of Medicare benefits and monthly payments. The application process for these benefits, however, may be a difficult and drawn-out one.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents, which typically fall under premises liability, result from existing dangerous or hazardous conditions that cause an individual to slip, trip, or fall while on the property maintained or owned by another.

Head and Spinal Injury

While some personal injury accident victims do not suffer serious injuries or fatalities, other victims must deal with head and spinal injuries for the rest of their lives. Trauma is a primary cause of death in the United States for individuals who are aged 44 and below.

A man injured at work.
Call Ted A. Greve & Associates to make sure you are fairly compensated for your workplace injury.

Wrongful Death

A wrongful death claim arises when an individual dies due to the careless, reckless, negligent or intentional acts of another. The decedent’s spouse, children, parents, or siblings are entitled to file a wrongful death claim that provides them financial compensation for their non-economic and economic losses.

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