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Social Security helps millions of Americans by providing them monthly income benefits. These funds are provided to people who are disabled, retired or unemployed. Social Security Disability Insurance is federal insurance that offers benefits specifically to the disabled. If you qualify for the social security benefits and are disabled, you may also qualify for SSDI. However, the Social Security Administration receives literally millions of claims each year. A large number of these claims are rejected for being incomplete or not properly filed. That is why you should consult a Rock Hill Social Security Disability lawyer before filing.
Our social security disability lawyers at Ted A. Greve & Associates, P.A. can help you with filing SSDI claims. Our dedicated attorneys have extensive experience in the area. They will ensure that the claim you file has a very good chance of acceptance with SSA. We will work closely with you to understand the nature of your disability. Call today so we can check your work and social credentials to see if you meet other SSDI requirements.

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Do I qualify for SSDI benefits?

SSDI benefits are meant for people with disabilities. Every year, nearly one million Americans receive SSDI benefits worth more than $11 billion. However, SSA has very specific rules defining who qualifies for SSDI benefits.
The first requirement to qualify for SSDI is to be a part of the federal Social Security program. In most cases, Social Security taxes are automatically withheld from your monthly paycheck. If you have been employed, you likely have Social Security. You must have a sufficient number of Social Security ‘work credits’ to qualify for SSDI.
You earn work credits by being employed and contributing to the Social Security program. You can earn up to 4 work credits per year. If you are under 24, you need six work credits to qualify for SSDI. These must have been earned in the last three years. If you are above 62, you need at least 40 credits to qualify for SSDI. Of these, 20 must have been earned in the last ten years.

What disabilities are covered by SSDI?

SSDI covers a broad range of disabilities. It covers disabilities that could prevent a person from participating in substantial gainful activity or SGA. If your disability leaves you unable to work, you likely qualify for SSDI benefits.
In all, there are 14 categories of disabilities that qualify for SSDI. These are organized based on disabilities related to major organ systems in the human body. Some examples include skin disorders, cancer, mental disorders, respiratory system, and cardiovascular system. You can find the detailed ‘Listing of Impairments’ in SSA’s Blue Book.
The Blue Book defines specific factors that must be present in the case of each disability. For instance, SSDI does not cover all skin disorders. SSA will consider the severity of a skin disorder to determine how it prevents you from SGA. Based on this analysis, SGA will determine whether or not you qualify for SSDI.

What are my estimated SSDI benefits?

The SSDI benefits for which you may qualify depend on many factors. Your lifetime earnings covered by Social Security is the most important factor. The larger this amount is, the larger the SSDI paycheck you can expect from SSA. However, SSA maintains a limit on the maximum size of the monthly benefit you can receive through SSDI. As of 2019, this limit is $2,861 per month. On average, the SSDI monthly payout is about $1,234 per month.
You can determine your SSDI benefits if you know your lifetime earnings. You can calculate the payout by using the Social Security Online calculator. If you are not sure about lifetime earnings, you can request a statement of your Social Security account. This statement details your lifetime earnings and paid taxes, as well as expected future benefits.

A denied social security disability form.
Contact Ted A. Greve & Associates before filing for social security disability.

Our Social personal injury lawyers in Rock Hill can help you with SSDI benefits estimates. If you are not sure whether you qualify, or what your lifetime earnings are, get in touch today. We will gather the details for you and then sort them to see how best to prepare your claim.

Why consulting an SSDI Lawyer is important?

Applying for SSDI benefits is a complex process. You need to meet rigorous requirements and prepare your claim suitably. You also need to append the right documents and evidence to your claim. It is quite easy to get one or more of these requirements wrong. The result is that SSA rejects the SSDI benefits claim.
This is why it is vitally important to consult a Rock Hill Social Security disability lawyer before you apply for the benefits. Our Rock Hill attorneys at Ted A. Greve & Associates, P.A. make sure you meet the requirements. They also work with you to create an application that is very likely to succeed with SSA.