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Workplace accidents can happen in an instant. You may be injured in these accidents and be unable to work. When injured on the job, you have a right to worker’s compensation benefits for your injuries. You need a Rock Hill worker’s compensation attorney to help you with your case.
All employers in South Carolina that have four or more employees are required by law to carry worker’s compensation insurance. Your employer will pay in the South Carolina Worker’s Compensation Commission’s program for worker’s comp benefits. This means that no matter if you are a full-time, part-time, or seasonal worker, you have a right to worker’s comp benefits under the law.
Your worker’s comp lawyer will ensure you receive the benefits you are entitled to for your injuries. No matter if your injuries were caused by a workplace accident that was your fault or the fault of another, you do qualify for worker’s comp insurance from your employer.

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What Type of Worker’s Comp Benefits Will in Receive in Rock Hill, SC?

There are two types of worker’s compensation benefits that you may receive from your employer and the South Carolina Worker’s Compensation Commission. You will receive both medical insurance as well as wage benefits.
Your employer is responsible for providing you medical coverage for your injuries if you are hurt on the job. However, you must follow their requirements for receiving worker’s comp insurance. This means that you must see a doctor that your employer has approved for treatment. Your employer will cover all of your medical care costs for your injuries unless you fail to see a doctor that has been approved and is covered by their insurance.
You will also receive a portion of your wages from the South Carolina Worker’s Compensation Commission. It will determine what your total payout will be based on the extent and severity of your injuries. This will provide you a portion of the wages that you will miss out on due to your recovery for your workplace injuries.

What Do I Do If I Receive a Denial of Worker’s Compensation Benefits in Rock Hill, SC?

There are times when an employer will try to fight your right to receive worker’s compensation benefits. They may think that you can work or that your injuries were not their fault. In either instance, you still can receive worker’s comp with the help of a worker’s compensation attorney.
If you do receive a denial of worker’s compensation benefits, you will be notified by mail. But it does not mean that you will not receive benefits for your workplace injuries. Rather, you need to appeal the decision of the South Carolina Worker’s Compensation Commission. A worker’s compensation attorney can help.
With an appeal of worker’s compensation benefits, you need to present your injury case to an administrative law judge. They will listen to all the facts in your case and then decide if they should approve your case and provide you with worker’s comp for your workplace injuries.
You do have a right to have a Rock Hill worker’s compensation attorney present your injury case to the administrative law judge on your behalf. Your worker’s compensation attorney will provide evidence that proves the extent of your injury and how it is preventing you from working.

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A worker’s compensation attorney knows how to win an appeal of benefits. They will fight for your legal rights. They can get a denial of benefits overturned. You can receive worker’s compensation after a denial of benefits with the help of a worker’s comp lawyer.
If your case does not receive approval of benefits after a denial of worker’s compensation, your personal injury lawyer will fight your case at the next level. They will not stop until you receive the compensation you deserve for your workplace injuries. Let a worker’s compensation attorney help you with your case today.

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