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The law dictates that a driver who leaves the accident scene commits a criminal act. Data from the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) shows that many people who drive away after causing an accident are often drunk, intoxicated with drugs, or driving without insurance or a valid license. Some also leave the scene because they are afraid of taking responsibility. If you or a loved one has sustained injuries after being involved in a hit and run accident, you can seek compensation for your losses and damages.

At Ted Greve, our Charlotte hit and run lawyers have the experience and necessary resources at their disposal to help people with personal injury claims. When a hit and run accident results in severe injuries or death, it becomes a felony. We will strive to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the driver knowingly or negligently caused the accident that ended in injuries or fatalities. With enough evidence backing your claim, our car accident attorneys shall be seeking the maximum compensation.

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What Should You Do if a Driver Hits You and Leaves the Scene?

If you or a loved one are the unfortunate victims of a hit and run in Charlotte, NC, we highly recommend you do the following:

Seek Medical Attention

It would be best if you headed to the hospital for a medical check-up after the accident. You may have sustained a minor injury that could worsen if not treated. Furthermore, severe injuries, like head trauma, require immediate medical assistance. Therefore, you should call the emergency medical personnel who may communicate your plight to the police to rush to the scene.

Document the Accident

If you are conscious and having assessed yourself for injuries, you should check others that might also be victims of the hit and run. Try documenting all you can see as you do this, including noting the time and date of the incident, state of the roads, weather condition, and resulting injuries. Also, try and document anything you or anyone else can recall about the hit and run vehicle, such as the color and license plate.

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Once the law enforcement officers arrive, they will gather additional information, including taking photos and witness statements to compile a case report that can serve as evidence in your claim case. Make an effort to get the contact details of the other parties involved in the accident and potential witnesses because their account of what happened could support your version of events.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

It would be best to inform your lawyer or look for one to enlighten you on your legal options depending on your situation, before contacting your insurance provider. The attorney will help prepare a statement that you will present to your insurance company. You must take this approach because the incident details and the driver at fault influence your chances of getting the maximum compensation, which also is governed by different factors including state laws.

Uninsured motorist laws in North Carolina entitle you to coverage irrespective of having or lacking the other driver’s insurance information. Nevertheless, it is wise to seek legal guidance regarding these situations to ensure you receive what you are rightly owed for your injuries and losses.

Hit and Run Statistics in North Carolina

According to data from the Road Safety Authority in North Carolina, hit and run cases are going up. Officials say that the hit and run accidents shot up by nearly 50% over the past 5 years. The incidents leave the victims and their families searching for answers as they seek justice.

According to statistics from the CMPD (Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department), hit and run accidents in North Carolina in 2016 were about 11,250. That number grew to roughly 11,330 in 2018, statistically averaging about 30 a day. That is a staggering figure, which means the incident occurs every hour.

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Why Would a Driver Leave After an Accident?

Many hit and run victims are left with one question – “why did the driver leave in the first place?” The party at fault will often drive off because it is a flight response. After all, they know they have made a terrible mistake. The reasons for leaving the scene include:

However, none of the reasons stated above is justifiable under the road safety and traffic laws, allowing drivers to leave a car accident scene without stopping.

What Damages Can Victims Get from a Hit and Run Accident in Charlotte?

When you come to us at Ted Greve for help, our lawyers shall investigate the matter and gather enough evidence to support your claim. We shall put together an airtight case as we pursue compensation for the following damages:

Economic Damages

It will be compensation awarded to you to help you recover from the accident impact on you financially. The court will direct the liable parties to pay the costs of your medical expenses, lost wages, and any other expense like funeral and burial expenses in case of wrongful death. The awarded compensation will also cover losses, such as household provisions, inheritance, and other financial responsibilities, the family incurred due to the losing a loved one,

Non-Economic Damages

It will be compensation that caters to losses that can have a predetermined monetary value but significantly affect your life. Such losses can include lost companionship, permanent disfigurement, and emotional pain and anguish endured after the accident.

Punitive Damages

We shall consider pursuing this as a form of punishment if it is proven that the driver at fault for the hit and run accident acted negligently or with malice. While we might request the court to consider such damages, they are mostly awarded at the court’s or jury’s discretion based on the evidence provided that proves gross misconduct.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim in Charlotte, North Carolina?

As per the statute of limitations, the law gives you the right to initiate a claim within a stipulated period from when an accident occurs. By initiating a claim, you will have filed a formal complaint against those responsible for the hit and run, which you must do within three years from the incident’s date.

However, there are a few exceptions to this, depending on certain situations. But knowing where such exceptions lay requires some legal skills, which is why you should work closely with an experienced personal injury attorney. Your lawyer is familiar with Charlotte’s statute of limitations and various loopholes that can be leveraged when filing the lawsuit.

Failure to file your case within the three-year period could result in the court’s dismissal of your claim, thereby barring you from pursuing the matter in the future. Therefore, do not expect your attorney to pull some magic acts that will turn things around if you miss the filing deadline.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer – What Are the Benefits?

The process of getting justice for the wrongs done to you can be brutal and traumatic, especially if you do not know where to start when trying to find the driver at fault. Also, there is the matter of dealing with insurance companies who will do all they can to discredit and disapprove your claim or give you the least compensation possible. That is why you must seek the services of an experienced and reputable hit and run attorney. Some of the top benefits of making such a decision include:

Establishing Liability if the Driver is Known

Proving responsibility is essential if you win your case. It is a process that entails having excellent knowledge of the law and how to handle such a matter.

Assembling Supporting Evidence

Winning any case is subject to enough supporting evidence that proves your claim. You should submit proof of your injuries and treatment. As your legal representatives, everything we gather and submit will be acceptable to the court and insurance representatives.

A woman discussing a hit and run car accident claim with a lawyer.

Meeting Deadlines and Respond to Communications

Working closely with an attorney will ensure that you meet every deadline related to your claim case, like filing the necessary documents and respond to communications such as legal motions and letters from insurance providers.

Countering Unfair Tactics

Insurance companies have an arsenal of deceptive tactics of stripping you of what you rightly deserve. The lawyers here at Ted Greve Law Firm can identify and stop such underhanded tactics and protect your right to fair compensation.

Seeking All Damages

Your attorney can quantify the damages and determine the monetary figure that is fair compensation for your losses. The amount the lawyer arrives at is inclusive of current and future medical costs and other expenses, lost income, and compensation for your pain and suffering.

Working Out a Fair Settlement

An unfair offer probably is a signature away if you do not know how to fight for your rights when negotiating the matter out of court. It would be best if you considered the services of a skilled and reputable hit and run attorney to represent you.

Going to Trial

The courts are the only other option when negotiations become complicated and messy. Your legal team will use its litigation experience to fight for your right and help you get fair compensation.

How Much Will it Cost You to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

While it is said that you get what you paid for, you should always expect to get the best legal services when you approach a reputable law firm for help. In matters related to personal injuries, such as a hit and run incident, we at Ted Greve do not put money first. You will not have to worry about paying for the services we offer because we work on a contingency fee basis.

It means you will only pay us after we help you win the case; the payment will be a small agreed percentage of the awarded compensation. Keep in mind that the percentage differs from case to case, based on various factors that our lawyers will explain to you beforehand.

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At Ted Greve, we are a Law Firm of distinction that works closely with specialists like crime scene reconstruction experts, chiropractic physicians, paralegals, and accredited insurance adjusters. They are professionals that we outsource to investigate the hit and run, collect information that will support your claim, and put together an airtight case.

That is why we guarantee to be fully committed to providing the best legal representation to our clients. Speak to our personal injury attorneys today by calling us at (800) 693-7833 to learn how we can help and the steps you should take for your hit and run claim case.