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A crash or collision can happen in the blink of an eye! For anyone involved in such a crash, this can be one of the most traumatic experiences they will ever live through. At Ted A. Greve & Associates law firm, we understand that many auto accident victims suffer life-changing physical injuries and mental strain that often leave them with a heavy burden, especially when another party is to blame for the crash.

No one can change what happened. But if you’ve been a victim of a crash in Charlotte, NC, you have the power to set things right and recover compensation/entitlements for your injuries and damages incurred.

But what happens when the motorist at fault is underinsured or has no insurance at all? Is everything lost? Are you going to have to pay medical bills, car repairs, and other expenses from your own pockets for a crash that wasn’t your fault? Not necessarily. You’re not entirely out of luck. So don’t give up hope for recovering compensation just yet. Even if the at-fault motorist has inadequate insurance or is uninsured, you may still recover ample compensation for your damages through your underinsured/uninsured motorist insurance policy.

If you had a motor vehicle accident in North Carolina involving a hit and run driver, or a motorist with inadequate insurance, you might not know what to do next. We can help! At Ted A. Greve & Associates, we have helped many people throughout North Carolina to recover the full and fair compensation they are entitled to following a crash involving underinsured/uninsured motorists. Call us at (800) 693-7833 to arrange a free consultation with our experienced Charlotte uninsured motorist accident lawyers today.

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North Carolina Insurance Mandatory Insurance Requirements

In North Carolina, it is a legal requirement that all motor vehicle operators carry minimum liability coverage. But this doesn’t mean that every motorist follows the law. The minimum liability policy must carry the following:

  • $30,000 per individual for bodily injury
  • $60,000 per accident to cover bodily injury liability
  • $25,000 for property damage

It is also a requirement in North Carolina for all drivers to carry underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage (UIM) that matches minimum liability coverage. The UIM coverage is meant to protect drivers financially in the event they get involved in an accident caused by a driver with no insurance or inadequate coverage.

All drivers in North Carolina are required to carry proof of insurance with them at all times while behind the wheel.

You have the option to purchase higher coverage for your UIM policy. But the higher the coverage amount, the higher your insurance premiums. However, you will have up to the amount of coverage you purchased available to compensate you for damages and injuries sustained if injured in an accident caused by an uninsured driver.

What Should You Do if Hit by an Uninsured Driver in Charlotte?

Regardless of whether the driver who caused the accident has insurance, you should follow these tips after an accident in Charlotte to protect yourself. In the case where the driver is underinsured/uninsured, these tips can prove even more critical:

Check for Injuries

Check your injuries and those of occupants in your car and others involved in the accident. Render first aid to the best of your ability.

Call the Police

It’s critical to have a police report detailing the events of the accident. Call the police and wait at the scene of the accident. The police will document the crash and collect vital information, including the at-fault driver’s contact information, evidence from the scene, and any information about who was at fault. Do not be let the other driver convince you not to call the police. Your insurance provider will rely on the police report in assessing your claim.

Don’t Accept Any Money

Since the other motorist is underinsured or has no insurance at all, they could face some heft fines and fees – which means they might try to offer you cash to avoid legal repercussions. Do not allow the at-fault motorist to talk you into taking any money. At this point, there’s no way to tell what the cost of your injuries or damages will add up to, so even if it sounds like a reasonable offer, hold off and don’t accept any money.

Swap Information

While the other driver might not have insurance information to give you, you must collect their contact information and vehicle details.

Gather Details

Collect the contact information from any witnesses. Their statements can be invaluable. Other crucial details to collect include: the time and location of the crash, the make and model of the cars involved, the name and badge no. of the responding police officer, and any other pertinent details you think will help when you file your UIM insurance claim.

Take Pictures

You’ll want to capture crucial details of the scene with your cell phone’s camera, such as the vehicles’ position, skid marks, your injuries, damage to the cars, traffic signs, and other visual information that will come in handy when you pursue an insurance claim.

Pursue Medical Care and a Medical Evaluation

Don’t underestimate your injuries! Go to your local hospital for a complete evaluation. If you need treatment, follow the doctor’s instructions.

Get in Touch With a Trusted Uninsured Accident Attorney

If an underinsured/uninsured driver has hit you, you should contact a trusted car accident lawyer and inform yourself of your legal options. A lawyer can offer numerous advantages, including handling insurance for your insurance providers.

Charlotte uninsured motorist accident lawyer reviewing claim with client

Contact Your Insurance Providers

If you sustained injuries (minor or severe) or property damage in a crash with an uninsured motorist, make sure you contact your insurance provider. However, keep in mind that your insurance company has its own bottom line and might not be as friendly as you think, so be cautious in your dealings with your insurance providers. Better yet, let your lawyer deal with the insurance company on your behalf. Your lawyer will keep your best interests at heart throughout the process and can help you figure out the best way to move forward following an accident.

What Damages Can a Victim Get From an Auto Accident Claim in Charlotte, NC?

When you are not at fault, your claim can get you compensation for your injuries and damages. Your compensation following an accident involving an underinsured/uninsured motorist can help you cover:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering

How is Fault Determined for Car Accident Claims in North Carolina?

Fault in North Carolina is determined through negligence. North Carolina follows the contributory negligence system. Under the contributory negligence system, you cannot recover compensation if you were in any way to blame for the accident.
However, note that you don’t necessarily have to prove fault to get compensation after an accident with an uninsured motorist. This is because uninsured or underinsured motorist cases come down to filing an insurance claim. It is your insurance company who will pay for the damages. So you’ll file the claim with your insurance provider.

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Is There a Time Limit for Lodging a Car Accident Claim in Charlotte?

Yes. In North Carolina, the deadline, or statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim after a car accident – even one involving uninsured motorists – is three years from the accident date.
It’s always best to inform your insurance provider as soon as possible, usually within 30 days after the date of the crash. Don’t hesitate, get in touch with a car accident attorney immediately after the crash, so you have plenty of time to contact your insurance company and reach a favorable outcome.

Why You Should Consider Getting an Experienced Lawyer

Typically, the main issue in uninsured accident claims comes down to insurance firms undercutting the high cost of vehicle damage and medical expenses. Anyone who has pursued compensation through a UIM policy soon learns that insurance companies are all about profit, and they never have your best interests at heart. The friendly insurance provider suddenly becomes less neighborly. At this point, having someone who has your back from start to finish can be invaluable. A trusted car accident lawyer can do just that, and more, including:

Provide Legal Guidance and the Information You Need to Proceed

An attorney can review all your insurance policies and help you calculate the compensation you deserve, identify potentially at-fault parties, and help you beat deadlines.

Support Throughout the Process

A lawyer can offer vital support throughout the process, such as putting together a claim for injuries and damages sustained on your behalf.

Negotiate With Your Insurance Provider

Your insurance provider may make it difficult for you to receive the compensation you deserve for financial losses, injuries, and damage to your vehicle. An attorney can negotiate for fair compensation and even…

Represent You in Court

If needed, your lawyer will represent you in court against the at-fault driver or your insurance company in case they fail to offer fair compensation.

How Much Does an Uninsured Accident Attorney Cost?

If you work with Ted A. Greve & Associates, you pay no fees unless we win and obtain a settlement for you. We handle injury car accident cases on a contingency fee basis, so you don’t have to deal with the additional stress of upfront fees.

Get Help From Our Charlotte Uninsured Motorist Accident Lawyers

Claims involving underinsured/uninsured drivers are often incredibly complex. When you add North Carolina’s complex legal system and all the different insurance coverages involved to the mix, the process becomes more daunting. Our skilled Charlotte attorneys are well-versed in North Carolina’s laws and can review the merits of your case and discuss your legal options. For a free case review with a Charlotte uninsured motorist accident lawyer at Ted A. Greve & Associates, please call (800) 693-7833.