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Every situation is different, and whether or not you need an attorney will depend on the unique circumstances of your auto accident. You may not need a lawyer for a minor accident that involved mild injuries and very minimal damage. The important thing is to recognize when you do need an attorney and to waste no time in contacting one if you do.
Following are some circumstances where you should call a lawyer for your car accident case:

Serious Injury

If a serious injury has occurred, you should call a lawyer right away. This includes broken bones and any kind of injury that resulted in hospitalization. If someone else was seriously injured, you should contact an attorney immediately.


If a death has occurred in the accident, call an attorney.

Issues of Fault

If there is any question about who is the at-fault driver or if it is a modified comparative fault issue, contact a lawyer. If a police report states that you are at fault, whether you believe this to be accurate or not, an attorney can advocate on your behalf to your insurance company. If you are unsure about fault, your lawyer can help with the investigation process to set your mind at rest.

Other Parties

When other parties are involved in the accident, including other vehicles, pedestrians, or cyclists, contact a lawyer.

Insurance Issues

If there is any issue with your insurance, such as lacking insurance, having inadequate insurance, falling behind on payments, etc. contact an attorney.

Insurance Company Attorneys

If the insurance company brings in an attorney, then you don’t want to face this on your own. Contact legal representation for yourself quickly.
Claim Questions
If you have any questions about your claim, such as questions about the value or the benefit of pursuing a case, ask an attorney.

Confusion about Process and Paperwork

If you need any help understanding anything, filing your claim, or addressing the paperwork, a lawyer can help.
You can contact us for a free consultation to discuss any of the above issues and get an evaluation of your case, based on its unique circumstances and challenges.