Manteo, NC – Fatal Crash on US-64 Takes Two Lives

Manteo, NC – Fatal Crash on US-64 Takes Two Lives

Manteo, NC (June 30, 2024) – Emergency crews confirmed that Janice Bateman and Frances Brinn both sustained fatal injuries as a result of an automobile accident that occurred in the Manteo area near the Pirates Cove. The collision took place on Thursday, June 27.

Official reports indicate that an eastbound sedan collided with a Ford F-450 pickup truck on US Highway 64 near Pirate’s Cove. Two women in the sedan, identified as Bateman and Brinn, were both severely injured. The two victims were transported to area hospitals, where they died from their injuries. Multiple victims were treated for injuries by authorities. At this time, the incident is being investigated.

We offer our condolences to the families of Janice Bateman and Frances Brinn.

Fatal Auto Accidents in North Carolina

Manteo, NC – Fatal Crash on US-64 Takes Two LivesEvery year, the United States witnesses over 40,000 fatalities due to motor vehicle accidents. Sadly, our state is not exempt from these tragedies, with numerous individuals losing their lives in avoidable crashes annually.

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