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NC 98 is both a North Carolina state highway and a semi-urban traffic artery passing through several cities and towns in the bustling Research Triangle region. Unsurprisingly, this highway has hosted numerous motor vehicle accidents. Throughout the decades, the law firm of Ted A. Greve & Associates, P.A. has helped those who have suffered from such accidents get the compensation they deserve. Schedule a free consultation about your case by calling 1-800-375-9190.

About North Carolina Highway 98

Tracing from west to east, NC 98 begins at US 15 Bus/US 501 Bus in downtown Durham. It runs concurrently with US 70 until it approaches Wake Forest. It then splits into a bypass and a business route, meeting back again at the town’s Jones Dairy Road. NC 98 continues east, passing through north Raleigh then partially merging with NC 39 in Bunn, before reaching its eastern terminus at the intersection of US 64 Alternate and NC 231.

North Carolina Highway 98 Accidents

Accidents at NC 98, as with most other highways, often result in great losses involving injuries and deaths. Some incidents in recent months include two fatalities in a head-on car crash and serious injuries on three Durham deputies after a separate vehicle collision. While deaths may be the worst-case scenario, injuries such as brain or spinal cord damage, fractures, and concussions can also lead to life-altering and permanent conditions.

Unfortunately, causes for such devastation are common on highways. These include speeding, distracted driving, and poor road maintenance. Someone is likely to be liable for the accident, whether it’s a reckless vehicle driver or a negligent public agency that failed to keep the road safe. Accident victims or their families must obtain proper legal representation to pin down the liable party and obtain the deserved compensation.

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