Interstate 277 Accidents

I-277 is a beltway that partially loops around the central area of North Carolina’s largest city, Charlotte. With so much activity on this highway, it has become almost common for accidents to occur here, too. Ted A. Greve & Associates, P.A. is a law firm dedicated to helping those who have suffered from such accidents by competently fighting for their compensation and justice. Call 1-800-375-9190 for your free consultation.

About Interstate 277

In North Carolina, I-277 starts at exit 9 on I-77/US 21. It travels northeast, concurrent with US 74. Then, upon reaching the Independence Freeway, it turns northwest, concurrent with NC 16. It continues this way until it loops back to I-77/US 21 at its exit 11.
I-277 has alternate names in certain areas. The section from I-77/US 21 to Independence Freeway is officially named John Belk Freeway, while the section from Independence Freeway to I-77/US 21 is officially known as Brookshire Freeway.

Interstate 277 Accidents

I-277 was previously notorious for its streetlights that weren’t functioning, causing the highway to be dark at night. But even after lighting projects have been completed, motor vehicle accidents still continue to occur on this road. In recent years, there have been incidents such as a fatal speed crash, an injurious collision between a truck and a car, and a property wreck that occurred when a car “flew” off the interstate.
While speeding, drunk driving, and other forms of driving negligence are top causes of accidents, some other factors also include defective vehicle parts and poor road conditions. The results are often devastating, as injuries such as fractures, brain damage, and concussions could easily result from a crash. This, plus great emotional suffering, should prompt victims and their families to fight for justice.

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