US Route 401 Accidents

US Highway 401 runs from South Carolina to North Carolina and is one of NC’s major north-south corridors. It connects bedroom communities to several cities in the state, and as such, has been the location of many motor vehicle accidents.

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About US 401 in North Carolina

From South Carolina, US 401 enters North Carolina in the city of Laurinburg. Generally heading north as a rural road, it links Laurinburg and other cities like Raeford and Fayetteville before sharing the highway with I-95. US 401 then becomes a major corridor in Wake County, where it serves as a connection between bedroom communities and the state capital, Raleigh. After Wake County, the highway becomes a rural road again and finally ends at I-85, just north of Wise.

North Carolina US 401 Accidents

Though certain parts of US 401 now have more preferred alternative routes, the US highway is still important and very much used in NC. Consequently, a lot of motor vehicle accidents still happen here. In fact, the incidents that have occurred on US 401 in NC this year already include a fatal fiery car overturn wreck, a fatal truck-car collision, and another deadly crash between a car and a school bus.

Many different factors could lead to such accidents. Speeding, drunk driving, and distracted driving are among the most common. Others include faulty vehicle parts, the presence of road hazards, and badly maintained roads. All these factors could be considered a form of negligence, and accident victims could be entitled to compensation for their injuries and losses.

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