Abbeville Co., SC – 3-Year-Old Killed in Pedestrian Crash on Murdock Rd

Abbeville Co., SC – 3-Year-Old Killed in Pedestrian Crash on Murdock Rd

Abbeville Co., SC (April 25, 2024) – The Abbeville County coroner’s office confirmed that a 3-year-old died as a result of a pedestrian accident on Monday evening, April 22. The incident took place at around 8:00 p.m.

Official reports show that a pickup truck was traveling south on a driveway located near the intersection of Murdock Road and Keowee Road. For unknown reasons, the vehicle struck the young child. The child suffered fatal injuries as a result of the accident and was immediately pronounced deceased. No other injuries were reported. At this time, the incident is being investigated.

We offer our sympathies to the family of the victim killed in this accident.

Fatal Auto Accidents in South Carolina

Abbeville Co., SC – 3-Year-Old Killed in Pedestrain Crash on Murdock RdIn 2021, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported around 42,915 traffic-related deaths in the United States. This marks a significant 10.5% rise from the previous year, representing the largest annual percentage increase recorded in the history of the Fatality Analysis Reporting System. The leading causes of fatal crashes in 2021 were:

  • Impaired driving: South Carolina has seen a distressingly high rate of alcohol-related fatalities, underscoring the need for continuous education, enforcement, and community intervention programs aimed at reducing impaired driving.
  • Speeding: Speeding increases the distance a vehicle travels while the driver reacts to a dangerous situation. In the event of a collision, higher speeds result in more severe injuries and an increased likelihood of fatalities because the impact force at higher speeds is greater.
  • Distracted driving: Distracted driving is particularly problematic in South Carolina, where the widespread use of smartphones has led to an increase in accidents caused by drivers focusing on their screens instead of the road ahead.

When combined, speeding, impairment, and distracted driving not only multiply each other’s effects but also create a situation where the likelihood of not being able to respond effectively to a road hazard or traffic condition increases dramatically. If you have lost a loved one in a fatal accident, it’s crucial to seek legal assistance as soon as possible. A South Carolina wrongful death lawyer can guide your family through the process of pursuing a claim against the liable party. By taking legal action, you can secure the financial support necessary to cope with the challenges ahead.

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