How Accident Reconstruction Can Help Your Car Crash Case

accident reconstruction

Augusta car accident attorneys understand the importance of evidence to compensation claims. Therefore, they often help crash survivors assemble relevant collision evidence through accident reconstruction. Sadly, though, some accidents are pretty complicated. This means that conventional evidence may be unhelpful here. A typical example is car accidents with multiple vehicles.

Here, liability isn’t always straightforward. In such cases, an excellent attorney would recommend some unusual sources of evidence. One significant example is accident reconstruction. In this article, we explain how accident reconstruction can prove liability in an Augusta car accident. In addition, our Augusta accident attorneys can help you establish the fault if you’ve been in a problematic collision.

What Is Accident Reconstruction?

Accident reconstruction is a technical means of establishing accident responsibility. This process essentially recreates the collision. Here, the goal is to discover the events that led to the accident. Next, reconstruction can explain how the crash occurred.

Accident reconstruction experts use their education, training, and job experience to recreate accidents. Then, they make conclusions on the accident’s fault based on their findings. Therefore, reconstruction experts often have a background in:

  • Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Law enforcement, or
  • Other relevant fields

Based on their findings, reconstruction experts can testify during accident claims. Here, they can help the court or insurer accurately place fault. Accident reconstruction can also produce an official report. This report can convince an insurance company of an accident’s fault. For these reasons, they are deemed expert witnesses.

How Does Accident Reconstruction Work?

Accident reconstruction experts conduct extensive investigations on collisions. It’s only after such intensive studies that they publish their findings. Therefore, a reconstruction specialist would examine several factors. These are factors related to the accident, including the:

  • Collision site
  • Condition of the road where the accident occurred
  • Victims’ medical records
  • Police report
  • Any photographic evidence from the accident scene
  • Eyewitnesses
  • Skid marks on the road and road debris
  • Weather and visibility issues during the collision
  • Functionality of the vehicles’ brakes
  • Checking whether anti-lock brakes were used
  • Speed, time, and angle of impact
  • Any other relevant factors

Accident reconstruction experts may also seek the opinions of other professionals. These would include the vehicle repairer’s statements. Furthermore, the reconstruction expert may seek out the doctor’s statement on injury causes. Some vehicles even have event data recorders. This data can also be helpful during accident reconstruction.

What Is the Expert Looking For?

Indeed, the reconstruction expert seeks to determine fault. However, some questions lead to their conclusions. An expert will thus be looking to decide:

  • Whether the brakes were used before the accident
  • Whether the cars accelerated before the crash
  • The physics of the collision
  • The force of impact
  • If other factors, such as vehicle maintenance, road, and weather issues, contributed to the accident

Reconstruction experts often compile the relevant accident data. Then, they re-enact the accident with a computer program. This software shows how the accident most likely happened. Finally, you can also see the consequential damages.

When Do You Need Accident Reconstruction?

Accident reconstruction isn’t always necessary. Not even all crashes with disputed liability require an accident reconstruction expert. However, this technique is essential where:

  • There are no eyewitnesses, or you can’t locate anyone
  • Collision victims’ memory of the accident is unhelpful
  • There are conflicting statements and information on the accident
  • The cars are heavily damaged
  • Critical evidence of the crash is missing
  • The other driver is already using accident reconstruction, and your lawyer wants to counter their claims
  • Someone died in the accident
  • Fault isn’t immediately apparent after the collision

Whatever the case, it’s always best to use a credible reconstruction expert. So, it’ll help if your lawyer introduces the expert to you. Furthermore, investigating the reconstruction expert’s track record is also crucial. Finally, you must be sure that they can prove the accident’s responsibility. This way, you can also ensure that their conclusions will hold up in court.

Augusta Car Accident Lawyers Can Establish Liability in Complex Collisions

Have you been in an Augusta car accident? Is the other party or their insurance company disputing responsibility? If this is your story, you can still recover compensation. First, however, you need the best Augusta car accident attorneys. Then, our lawyers can recommend using accident reconstruction.

With this technique, we can accurately place the crash fault. Our attorneys at Ted A. Greve and Associates have years of experience representing Augusta vehicle collision victims. We’ve also won significant settlements and judgments for our clients. This is the record we bring to your compensation claim. Therefore, it’ll be best to call us today for a FREE consultation.