What Is Aggressive Driving and Road Rage?


If you have suffered injuries and other losses in a Charlotte, NC crash caused by aggressive driving or road rage, you may have a claim for damages. A good car accident lawyer can help you seek these damages. In accidents caused by the careless or deliberately reckless behavior of the other drivers, you need to show that the other driver was at fault in order to recover compensation. However, it is important to understand the legal meaning of aggressive driving and road rage when filing a claim in a crash like this.

What is Aggressive Driving and Road Rage?

Aggressive driving is defined under North Carolina laws as when a driver “drives carelessly and heedlessly in willful or wanton disregard of the rights or safety of others.” It usually includes any kind of road stunts performed by drunk, inexperienced, underage, or otherwise careless drivers. On the other hand, road rage is the “aggressive or violent behavior of a driver towards another driver due to any psychological stresses or stimuli.”

Difference between Aggressive Driving and Road Rage

There are some key differences between the two although both pose a risk on the road. Aggressive driving includes one of the many different types of reckless behavior on the road, from weaving in and out of the road to tailgating. Road rage, on the other hand, comprises of violent behavior specifically towards one or more persons on the road. Such behavior is typically caused by some kind of stress on the part of the perpetrator. For instance, a driver may act violently towards other drivers due to stress from financial issues, personal problems, or rude behavior of another driver.

Signs of Aggressive Driving

Typical signs of aggressive driving include:

  • Tailgating
  • Driving on the shoulder of the road
  • Over-speeding
  • Erratic lane changing
  • Not obeying traffic signs
  • Passing where prohibited
  • Reckless driving
  • Not yielding the right of way
  • Drifting

Any driver showing one or more of the signs listed above can be deemed as an aggressive driver. Normally, aggressive drivers are bound to get tickets for their reckless behavior. However, in crashes involving others, they also put other’s lives in grave danger.

Signs of Road Rage

In contrast to aggressive driving, the typical signs of road rage include a more focused form of verbal or physical violence towards other drivers. These include:

  • Shouting at the other driver/commuter
  • Involving in unnecessary argumentation with law enforcement
  • Tailgating

How Aggressive Driving and Road Rage Causes Accidents?

Aggressive driving and road rage play a major role in many traffic accidents. Here is a look at how specific instances of such behavior can create road risks.


Tailgating is when one vehicle follows another vehicle recklessly and without maintaining a safe distance. This behavior marks both aggressive driving and road rage. Tailgating puts the other driver under pressure forcing him to over-speed or slam unintentional braking, giving the tailgater less time to maneuver. This is why tailgating can often result in collisions.

Drifting and Over Speeding

Over speeding and drifting is another sign of aggressive driving that can put lives in danger. Over speeding or drifting reduces the reaction time for the driver as well as others on the road. This can ultimately result in serious to fatal crashes.

Erratic Lane Changing

Lane change without the proper use of indicators takes other drivers by surprise. This can result in collisions between the vehicles. Erratic lane changing contributes to crashes near exit and entry ramps, turns, and intersections.

Shoulder Driving and Wrong Overtaking

Driving on the shoulder of the road is dangerous as the vehicle can hit the curb or another roadside object, or otherwise lose grip and roll over. Similarly, overtaking from the wrong side could bring a vehicle into a collision with other objects or vehicles. Both types of behaviors may be a result of aggressive driving or road rage.

Hiring a Reliable Car Accident Attorney in Charlotte, NC

If you have been involved in a Charlotte, NC accident caused by aggressive driving or road rage, it is important to seek the help of a good lawyer at the earliest. Here at Ted Greve & Associates, we help you prove the negligence of the at-fault driver and file your claim at the earliest. Our aim is to help you recover the maximum amount of compensatory damages. Call us today to schedule a free session with our lawyers where you can discuss your damages claim in detail.