How Can Atlanta Drivers Drive Safely in the Rain?

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As Atlanta drivers, you must pay rapt attention to the road ahead and your surroundings. Doing this is key to avoiding car accidents, especially when driving under the rain. Rainy weather is one of the common causes of traffic collisions. The best way to avoid crashing when it’s raining is to avoid getting behind the wheel.

However, there are situations where you must get on the road. You might have also been on the roadway when the rain started. In such cases, y0u need to drive safely to avoid accidents and the resulting consequences. This article brings you tips on driving safely in the rain.

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How Does Rain Cause Car Accidents?

Before discussing safe driving during rainy weather, drivers must first understand how rain causes traffic collisions.

Wet Road and Reduced Traction

When rain falls, the road surface is slippery, even if they are in the best condition. A layer of water on the roadway reduces tire traction, making cars slide. Also, oil from vehicles often travels and builds on the road. When rain showers, the surface oils loosen and create a greasy type driving surface that may be unexpected by many Atlanta drivers. This makes it harder to drive and makes motorists susceptible to collisions.

Wet Road, Decreased Visibility, and Faulty Windshield Wipers

Rain makes it hard for Atlanta drivers to see clearly, making poor visibility a common cause of car accidents. Water splashing outside the vehicle makes it hard for drivers to see the vehicles in front of them. The heavier the rain, the harder it is.

Inside the vehicle, the windows and windshield become foggy, decreasing visibility. A faulty windshield wiper compounds the problem, and all this, combined with the wet road, are catalysts for traffic accidents. So, a car driving in rainy weather should have a functional windshield wiper to improve visibility.

6 Tips for Driving Safely Under the Rain

Among all the adverse weather conditions that might cause a car accident, heavy rain is the one Atlanta drivers are more likely to encounter. To help reduce the risk of these collisions, our Atlanta car accident lawyers discuss six ways to drive safely in rainy weather.

  • Turn on Your Vehicle’s Low Beam and Windshield Wipers

When driving under the rain, activate your windshield wipers and low beam. The two ensure other drivers can see you. In addition, the windshield wiper helps clear the fog caused by the rainwater, thereby increasing your visibility.

  • Increase Your Following Distance

Wet roads are slick and require special attention when driving on them. Wet roads also mean that it will take your vehicle a long time to come to a complete stop if it hydroplanes. So practice safe driving by increasing your following distance and reducing tailgating. The average reaction time for Atlanta drivers is ¾ of a second. So, allow yourself enough time to identify any potential hazard and avoid it.

  • Reduce Your Speed

Rain and speed are two terrible combinations, so Atlanta drivers who speed increase their chance of getting into an accident. Thus, maintain the speed limit and resist the urge to drive faster than weather conditions permit.

  • Brake Smoothly

Generally, it is a terrible idea to slam your brakes hard or apply the brakes suddenly. But it is worse when you do this on a wet road. It might cause the car to skid. Therefore, apply the brakes slowly, smoothly, and early, and avoid sudden lane changes.

  • Avoid Standing Water

Standing water refers to water in a stagnant position; it doesn’t flow. When driving under the rain at night, look out for standing water and avoid it. You should scan ahead and identify where water might be accumulating and stay away from it.

  • Be Cautious at Intersections

When approaching intersections, exercise extra care as intersections are high risks for collisions. Always anticipate that other drivers might make a mistake and be vigilant. Blowing through an intersection while it is raining may cause an accident as other drivers may not see you.

Contact Car Accident Lawyers in Atlanta Now!

Just because you are careful does not mean other road users are. As a result, you might find yourself the victim of a traffic collision while driving in the rain. You can file a claim for financial settlement against the at-fault driver when this happens. Our Atlanta auto accident attorneys at Ted A. Greve and Associates can help you with this. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.