Examples of Auto Accidents Caused by Driver Negligence in Charlotte, NC

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Auto accidents in Charlotte, North Carolina, can happen due to several reasons. One of these reasons can be the negligence of one driver or multiple drivers at the same time. If you have been hurt in a car accident in North Carolina, you need to understand that the pure contributory negligence rule observed in the state will determine whether you will be entitled to auto accident compensation or not.

Negligent Driver Cases in Charlotte, North Carolina: Who is the Responsible Party?

Auto accidents often occur because one party or multiple parties have been negligent. Negligence means failing to observe reasonable care as a vehicle driver on a public road or highway.

Some of the most common causes of negligent car accident cases are listed below:

  • Failure to observe driver distraction rules. This is one of the common reasons for negligent driver cases. A driver that gets distracted by a ringing phone or a text message can easily cause a collision on the road.
  • Failure to observe pertinent traffic laws. Some of the most important traffic laws in Charlotte, North Carolina are maintaining prescribed driving speed, maintaining a safe distance between vehicles, and yielding to another vehicle when necessary.
  • Failure to properly maintain a vehicle. Auto accidents can happen because a driver failed to maintain the engine or brakes of his or her vehicle, resulting in malfunction and collision with another vehicle.
  • Failure to control a vehicle. Proper driver control can prevent auto accidents. Many auto accidents occur because a vehicle swerves suddenly or stops without warning.
  • Failure to observe sobriety while driving. One of the most seriously negligent driver cases in Charlotte, North Carolina involves a driver that has been intoxicated or influenced by an impairing substance such as illegal drugs.

If the carelessness of another driver has caused you physical injury and even damage to your vehicle, you can seek rightful compensation from the insurance company of the liable party. In the state of North Carolina, however, auto accidents compensation can be dependent on your own contributory liability in the accident.

Your liability in a collision can significantly affect your chances at getting full compensation in Charlotte, North Carolina, or in other states that observe the pure contributory negligence rule.

What Happens If I Am Partially Responsible for Any Auto Accidents in Charlotte, North Carolina?

When it comes to seeking compensation for physical injury or property damage in Charlotte, North Carolina, proving the absolute negligence of the at-fault party is crucial. The state observes the pure contributory negligence rule, which means that if there are multiple negligent parties involved in an accident, full recovery will be almost or entirely impossible.

Thus, in negligent car cases in the state, even if your contributory liability in the accident is minimal, you will no longer be able to receive full compensation. This is in stark contrast to other multi-party negligent rules observed by other states, wherein a 49% or even a 50% negligence may still entitle you to the compensation you are requesting.

A trusted car accident lawyer can help strengthen your case so that the at-fault party will be held responsible for your financial and non-economic losses. The stringent contributory negligence law in North Carolina makes choosing the right attorney even more crucial.

Choosing the Right Lawyer for Negligent Driver Cases in Charlotte, North Carolina

Given the strict laws that govern auto insurance and negligent driver cases in the state, you need the right legal representation to help you every step of the way. If the other party is found to be 100% at fault, the insurance company of the at-fault party will need to compensate you for medical costs, loss of wages, and even pain and suffering. However, some insurance companies may seek to establish your partial negligence in the accident. Once even the slightest contributory negligence is established on your part, seeking full compensation can become a challenge.

A committed lawyer will be able to represent you in insurance discussions, in civil courts, and even in a criminal court when and where necessary. Your lawyer will also have access to resources which are helpful in obtaining evidence, compiling police reports, and establishing the crucial facts of your case.

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You are within your rights to seek compensation from the liable party in negligent driver car accident cases. However, your slightest contributory negligence can significantly affect your chances for receiving the full compensation you need in Charlotte, North Carolina. Work with a Charlotte auto accident attorney now at Ted A. Greve & Associates so we can help you obtain your rightful compensation from the at-fault party for your auto accident in Charlotte, NC.