Beaufort Co., NC – One Killed, Two Hurt in US-264 Collision

Beaufort Co., NC – One Killed, Two Hurt in US-264 Collision

Beaufort Co., NC (June 21, 2024) – A major motor vehicle accident reported in Beaufort County claimed one man’s life. The incident occurred on Wednesday, June 19 at around 6:20 p.m.

According to official reports, 46-year-old Elmer Ray Squires was driving a 2018 Jeep SUV on US Highway 264 during the evening hours. For unknown reasons, his vehicle collided with a Honda passenger car. After the initial collision, the Jeep went over the center of the roadway and struck a 2022 GMC SUV head-on. The impact of the crash caused the Jeep to overturn. Squire was severely hurt in the crash. He was rushed to ECU Health Greenville, where he died from his injuries. The driver of the GMC and the driver of the Honda both sustained injuries in the crash. The two victims were transported to ECU Health in Beaufort for emergency care. At this time, the incident is being investigated.

We offer our sympathies to the family of Elmer Ray Squires.

Fatal Auto Accidents in North Carolina

Beaufort Co., NC – One Killed, Two Hurt in US-264 CollisionFatal car accidents in the United States are a tragic reality that affects countless families each year. These devastating incidents claim thousands of lives annually, leaving behind a trail of grief and immense loss. Common causes of fatal car accidents include factors such as reckless driving, impaired driving, speeding, distracted driving, running red lights, and inexperienced drivers.

The aftermath of a fatal car accident can be overwhelming for families as they struggle with the emotional devastation and financial burdens that accompany such a profound loss. In the face of these challenging circumstances, families who have lost loved ones are advised to consider seeking legal recourse by contacting a wrongful death lawyer without delay.

Taking prompt action to engage the services of a wrongful death lawyer is essential in protecting the rights of the grieving family and pursuing justice on behalf of the deceased. A skilled wrongful death lawyer can provide crucial support and guidance throughout the legal process, helping families navigate the complexities of filing a wrongful death claim and seeking compensation for their losses.

By reaching out to a North Carolina wrongful death lawyer immediately following the loss of a loved one in a fatal car accident, families can ensure that their rights are safeguarded and that they have an advocate fighting for their interests. The legal guidance and representation offered by a wrongful death lawyer can make a significant difference in the family’s ability to secure fair compensation and hold accountable those responsible for the fatal accident.

In the midst of such a heartbreaking situation, seeking legal assistance can provide families with a sense of direction and support as they navigate the challenges of coping with their loss and seeking closure through legal avenues.

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