How To Properly Calculate Injury Compensation in Atlanta

injury compensation

When it comes to injury compensation, there’s no one way around it. Different claimants usually receive different compensation amounts; it all depends on your case. The problem, however, is that most claimants do not know how to figure out these amounts and may not get what they deserve.

To help you understand better, an Atlanta car accident lawyer at Ted A. Greve and Associates explains compensation in this article. You will also gain insight into how to calculate injury compensation in Atlanta properly. If you get into an accident, contact us immediately for excellent legal advice and representation.

What Is Compensation?

Compensation aims to put the claimant back in the position they were in before the accident. Injury compensation is basically to compensate for the losses suffered by the victim during the accident. An Atlanta auto accident attorney ensures you receive compensation for your injuries and financial losses.

There are usually two types of compensation: compensation for general damages and compensation for financial losses. Financial losses are also called special damages. It is the merging of these two elements that make up your compensation. Knowing how to calculate both and get the proper compensation is what this article covers.

Understanding Heads of Loss 

We understand how tricky calculating injury compensation can be. That’s why the Atlanta court and your lawyer use the head of loss to calculate the damage done. The head of loss influences the amount of compensation you will receive. After the court assesses the type of loss in the case, your Atlanta car accident lawyer then assesses the claim’s value using the heads of loss. While some cases only involve one head of loss, some include several. To clarify better, we shed more light on this below.

An Atlanta Car Crash Attorney Discuss Heads of Loss 

In a typical accident, below are the standard heads of loss that you can consider. While you can only access some in an impressionistic way, others are vital in calculating your compensation. Below are the compensatory damages you should take note of.

General and Special Damages

General damages are for non-monetary losses like pain and suffering. Contrarily, special damages are for a monetary loss like medical bills. Some of the heads of loss overlap in these two categories due to the injury’s impact. In the court, a claimant usually separates the consequences of the loss to get a larger reward while defendants argue on one head of loss.

Let’s explore the heads of loss below.

  • Pain and Suffering and Loss of Amenity (PSLA)

In an injury case, an Atlanta car wreck lawyer usually starts with the PSLA. Mostly it is broken down into physical pain, mental stress, and the loss of ability to enjoy life. The only exception is when there’s an immediate loss of life or an unconscious victim. Unfortunately, lawyers access this head of loss in an impressionistic way, and courts place a monetary value.

  • Loss of Marriage or Prospect

Another head of loss that counts when calculating compensation is the loss of marriage or marriage prospects. For example, an injury could lead to a marriage crashing or a relationship breaking up. In Atlanta, a car accident attorney tries to present the loss of marriage or marriage prospect as a head of loss separate from pain and suffering.

  • Loss of Earning

An essential part of your injury compensation calculation is the loss of earning and falls under special damages. The court considers how much you might have earned on a weekly wage and multiplies it by the length of time you were out of work. If you’re self-employed, your Atlanta car accident lawyer can still help you get the compensation you deserve. The court considers evidence from your business accounts to evaluate how much you lost.

  • Job Benefits and Pension Loss

Some jobs come with benefits like cars, childcare, and more. If you lose these benefits because of the injury, you can get compensation for it. If you also lost your pension due to the accident, the court can consider it. Maybe your pensions have been reduced due to your inability to work. However, you need expert evidence to prove this head of loss.

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The whole process of compensation calculation can be complicated. That’s why you should always get professional help to ensure you don’t lose out on essential awards. Our Atlanta auto accident lawyers at Ted A. Greve and Associates are always available to help you. We offer you the best legal help and determine the proper compensation for you. So call Ted A. Greve & Associates today to begin the process.