Can a Child Diagnosed with PDD-NOS Obtain SSDI Benefits in Charlotte, NC?

Individuals on the spectrum autism, but who may not show the symptoms of autism can be diagnosed with PDD-NOS, or pervasive development disorder-not otherwise specified. This condition manifests in many various ways, from difficulties interacting with others, communication trouble to having a very limited group of activities and interests. If your child has PDD-NOS, it is possible that you could receive Social Security disability benefits in Charlotte, NC for them.

There are two ways in which a person can qualify for these social security disability benefits, in Charlotte, NC. The first requirement is that the person met the criteria for an autism spectrum disorder as listed in the Social Security’s Listings of Impairments. If the person is an adult who does not qualify in this listing, they could still receive an exception if they can prove that these impairments prevent them from working a normal job.

What is PDD-NOS?

Before determining your child can receive Social Security disability benefits in Charlotte, NC, it is important to know what PDD-NOS stands for. Pervasive development disorder-not otherwise specified is a disorder that fits on the spectrum for autism and is marked by severe deficits in the patient for social interaction and communication. It will also include limited interests and behaviors.

Often PDD-NOS will be a diagnosis that is given when the symptoms of the individual are just short of a diagnosis for autism, Asperger’s syndrome, and some other developmental disorders, but it still fits on the spectrum for autism. Often pervasive development disorder-not otherwise specified is a disorder that is often diagnosed much later in life compared to autism. Often it is diagnosed in the teenage years, but sometimes will not be found until the patient reaches adulthood.

In addition to having trouble with social behavior and communication, those with PDD-NOS can also have issues with motor skills, unusual routines that are rigid, repetitive movements and behaviors, and intellectual deficits. Each case of PDD-NOS is different and there are different criteria that must be met before the person can qualify for Social Security disability benefits in Charlotte, NC.

These symptoms may show up early for your child. They may only choose to play with certain toys or certain games. They may have trouble communicating with others or hitting developmental milestones. Your child’s doctor will be able to determine whether there should be concerns about PDD-NOS during their well-child visits.

PDD-NOS and your Social Security disability benefits in Charlotte, NC

To meet the requirements for Social Security disability benefits, the SSA requires that someone with PDD-NOS must demonstrate that they have deficits in verbal and nonverbal communication skills, deficits in social interaction, and they have restricted patterns of behavior, activities, and interests. These symptoms can show themselves at school, at home, and even at daycare. It may happen that a teacher or daycare employee alerts the parents that there is something wrong in the first place, and then it is confirmed by the child’s pediatrician.

In addition to the requirements above, the SSA takes this a step further by asking that applications with PDD-NOS must show that these symptoms their child is suffering from will cause an extreme limitation in one of the areas following or severe limitations in at least two of the following areas:

  • Understanding and remembering information they are told. This could include learning new things, following instructions, and applying their knowledge to a new task.
  • Interacting with others with behaviors that are deemed socially acceptable.
  • Finishing or concentrating on tasks.
  • Being able to manage oneself. This can vary based on the age. For a younger child, it may include having trouble dressing oneself, even though others their age can. It could include having trouble bathing, eating, and more that is under what the child should developmentally be able to do.

The SSA will require some medical documentation to help prove that the above have been met before they will offer Social Security disability benefits in Charlotte, NC. If your doctor has diagnosed your child with PDD-NOS, you can use those medical documents to help your case.

If you need help filing a claim with the SSA for social security disability benefits in Charlotte, NC for your PDD-NOS, make sure to contact our experienced disability attorneys in Charlotte NC at Ted A. Greve and Associates We can talk about your case and help you get the right documents in place to make it easier to get your claim approved. Contact us today to get started.