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Car Accident Lawyer Durham, NCWhen a car accident happens and another person is at-fault, what will make a difference is your claim is hiring a Durham car accident lawyer and gathering enough evidence to prove your side of the story. When you report the accident to your insurance, they will need as much information as possible. We have gone over below the types of evidence that will be most influential, so that you have strong grounds to pursue compensation for what you’ve been through. It is advised that you consult with us at Ted A. Greve & Associates before taking action further.

Pictures and Video

Before leaving the scene, take pictures of the vehicle damage, injuries, broken glass in the road, tire marks, street signs, and anything else of relevance. The more visual aids you have to show what the accident was like, the harder it will be for insurance companies to refute. It is imperative that you gather visual evidence like pictures and video before vacating the area.

The Drivers Details

Ideally, you will have already gotten the other driver’s information, such as their first and last name, current address, phone number, email, driver’s license number, vehicle license plate number, insurance company name, policy number, vehicle description, etc. Without these details, it will be harder to track the driver down or contact their insurance company. The only exception would be if you sustained such serious injury that you had to be ushered to the hospital immediately.

Witness Statements

Were there bystanders who rushed over to help? Is it possible that workers in a store nearby saw the accident happen? Did any other drivers stop and talk with you? As a Durham car accident lawyer suggests, having witness statements that support your side of the story can be impactful when pursuing compensation through insurance or suing the at-fault driver in court. Gather the first and last names of witnesses, along with a method of contact, so that your lawyer can speak with them in the days after.

Medical Paperwork

Were your injuries serious enough to need emergency care? Did an ambulance arrive and treat you for any injuries? Had you gone to the doctor at all after the accident? Medical documentation that outlines your injuries can be useful in showing how you were affected by the accident. Keep receipts for any copays or out of pocket expenses from receiving medical attention. Be sure to follow your doctor’s recommendations, including having diagnostics done, attending check-up appointments, and abiding by restrictions.

Getting Legal Help

Our team at Ted A. Greve & Associates have seen just how badly our client’s lives have been affected because of a car accident. If you were recently involved in a collision and were left with injuries and property damage, then that is enough reason to give a Durham car accident lawyer a call. We can see to it that the offending driver is held accountable and that you receive fair repayment for your losses. Don’t hesitate to get legal help today.