Car Accident Settlement: How Much Should You Expect?

car accident settlement

Almost every car accident victim that comes into our office has the same question – “How much is my case worth?” There’s nothing wrong with that. It makes sense that you’d want to know if you’ll be fully compensated for your injuries and if you can reach a car accident settlement, and to this end, you will need to seek and hire the best car accident lawyer in Charlotte.

At the same time, people have to understand that there’s no way for your personal injury attorney to know exactly how much their case is worth. It wouldn’t be fair for one of our associates to give you a precise figure and then promise to get you that kind of money. Until we’ve had a chance to thoroughly review your case, and see what the defendant’s position is, we have no idea what it’s worth.

What we can do is give you a ballpark figure. Once we’ve had a chance to review the police report, your medical records, and any correspondence related to the case, we’ll have a much better idea. Here, we’ll discuss what factors can impact your car accident settlement.

We will also explain what damages you can demand in this type of case. If you still have questions about your own case after reading this brief article, that’s okay. Just give us a call and one of our helpful staff can arrange for you to come in for a free consultation.

How Much Do You Think Your Case Is Worth?

Before your personal injury lawyer in Charlotte tells you what they think your case is worth and what car accident settlement you can reach, it’s a good idea to share your opinion on the matter. Sometimes, accident victims think their car accident claim is worth a lot more than what it’s actually worth. This is due in large part to what they see online and in the media.

News websites, television shows, and social media are constantly posting stories about people who win millions of dollars in their personal injury cases. The reason these stories are newsworthy is that they are the exception to the rule. Most of the time, plaintiffs in a car accident case walk away with just enough money to cover their out-of-pocket expenses.

It’s important that you go into the case understanding that your attorney’s job is to make you whole. Even the best car accident lawyers in Charlotte can’t get you more than you’re legally entitled to. For example, if the only injury you suffered was whiplash, you can’t expect a car accident settlement of millions of dollars. It just doesn’t make sense.

Several Factors Can Impact Your Car Accident Settlement

Sometimes, the amount of your car accident settlement has more to do with the factors surrounding your case than your actual damages. For example, you may have accrued more than $200,000 in medical bills. However, if you were partially responsible for the crash, you could walk away with nothing.

In most states, you can still collect damages if you were partly at fault. However, North Carolina is not one of these states. In North Carolina, if you’re found to be even 1% at fault, your entire case can be dismissed. This is because North Carolina follows a pure contributory negligence rule. The best car accident lawyers in Charlotte know this. That’s why they’ll work hard to reach a car accident settlement rather than go to trial. You can’t take the risk that a judge or jury would find you partially at fault.

best car accident lawyer in Charlotte

Another factor that can impact your case and car accident settlement is your evidence. You may swear that there were only two vehicles involved in the crash. However, if the defendant has proved that there was a third driver who took off immediately after the accident, they may not be held fully accountable for your damages.

One final factor that can impact your case and car accident settlement is your age and earning potential. When it comes to damages in a personal injury lawsuit, these factors are critical. That’s because your personal injury attorney in Charlotte is going to demand compensation for your lost wages and lost future income. If you only make minimum wage, you can’t demand all that much in lost wages. And, if you’re already close to retirement age, you won’t be able to demand a ton of money in lost future income.

What Damages Can Your Lawyer Demand in Your Car Accident Settlement?

Clearly, if you reach a car accident settlement, you aren’t going to receive your full demand. You may have cited damages in the neighborhood of $500,000 in your initial complaint. However, the whole point of a car accident settlement is that both sides have to be willing to compromise.

Imagine that your car accident is like your typical car accident. If that’s the case, you’ll be entitled to some or all of the following:

  • Medical bills
  • Future medical bills
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Lost future income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages

When your personal injury attorney in Charlotte enters car accident settlement negotiations, they’ll have to bend a bit on your total demand. Perhaps you wanted $300,000 in pain and suffering. The defense may only be willing to pay $150,000 in pain and suffering. If your attorney truly thinks this is the best car accident settlement deal you’re going to get, you should consider taking it, even though it’s less than you originally wanted.

Reach Out to the Best Car Accident Lawyers in Charlotte

If you have recently been in a major car accident, you’re probably entitled to legal damages. It all depends on the facts of your case. The best way to get an idea of what your case is worth is to meet with a seasoned personal injury attorney in Charlotte, North Carolina. They have handled dozens of cases just like yours. They’ll be able to give you an idea of what your case may be worth and what kind of car accident settlement you can expect.

At this point, you may have been handling things on your own. You had hoped the insurance company would pay your claim. When you found out this wasn’t the case, you realized you were in over your head. That’s when you call us. Let one of our associates handle the legal side of things while you focus on getting better. Since your initial consultation is free, you don’t have anything to lose.