Accident Reporting Requirements for Georgia Crashes


A significant part of a crash is accident reporting. If you have suffered a crash in Atlanta, GA, you may be able to get compensation for your losses with help from a Georgia car accident lawyer. A vital piece of evidence for a car crash claim is the police report. This report is filed by […]

What Are North Carolina Laws and Penalties for Hit and Run Crashes?

North Carolina-laws-hit-and-run

Accidents are always bad but they turn even worse when someone hits a vehicle or person and then runs away from the scene. Under North Carolina laws, you must stop, render air, report the crash, and wait for the authorities to arrive on the scene after an accident. If you instead leave the scene, the […]

What To Do in A Car Accident Involving Uninsured/Underinsured Drivers?

car accident

When you are involved in a car accident in Charlotte, NC, it is typically possible to recover compensatory damages with the help of a Charlotte car accident lawyer. Normally, you would stop after crashes, exchange insurance information with the other driver and later file a claim for damages. North Carolina is an at-fault state, so […]

Who is Liable for Teenage Crashes in Charlotte, North Carolina?

teenage crashes

If you have been injured in a car accident caused by a teenage driver, you may qualify for compensatory damages. A good car accident lawyer in Charlotte, NC can help you file a claim and recover compensation from these teenage crashes at the earliest. Traffic accidents are caused by a number of factors and by […]

What Is Aggressive Driving and Road Rage?

aggressive driving-road-rage

If you have suffered injuries and other losses in a Charlotte, NC crash caused by aggressive driving or road rage, you may have a claim for damages. A good car accident lawyer can help you seek these damages. In accidents caused by the careless or deliberately reckless behavior of the other drivers, you need to […]

How to Get Damages in Commercial Vehicle Accidents in Charlotte, NC?

commercial vehicle accidents-what-to-do

Commercial vehicle accidents typically result in injuries that range from serious to fatal. This is simply because of the sheer size of a commercial vehicle as compared to a standard passenger vehicle. At its maximum, a commercial vehicle can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds whereas a passenger car weighs 4,000 pounds on average. This […]

What Laws Apply To A Commercial Vehicle in Augusta, GA?

commercial vehicle-laws-augusta

When you are involved in a traffic accident, it is important to understand the process of recovering compensatory damages. This is because in most cases, you can seek these damages under the Georgia laws. When a crash involves passenger vehicles, the processing of filing the claim is relatively straight-forward. However, if your accident involves commercial […]

Who is Liable in A Charlotte Crash Caused by Poor Road Conditions?

Car hitting tree. Fault for crash caused by road conditions

Did you know that bad road conditions could cause a car accident? Car accidents in Charlotte, NC, can be caused by a variety of factors. In most cases, it is the negligence of another driver that is the key contributing case. When that happens, the process of filing a car crash claim is relatively straightforward. […]

What is Proximate Cause and Cause-in-Fact in Car Crash Claims?

proximate cause-cause-in-fact-crash

Have you ever heard of the terms proximate cause of cause-in-fact? The actual cause of a car crash is one of the most important considerations in deciding the claim for damages. This is because the cause must be first determined to see who was at fault. The person at-fault can then be held liable for […]