Adverse Road Conditions: How To Drive Safely During the Winter Season

adverse-road conditions-weather-winter

During the winters, adverse road conditions due to inclement weather may significantly increase road risk. Under rain, snow, sleet, and other wet road conditions, the roads can become unpredictable. This is why it is critically important to adapt to these changes in order to stay safe on the road. A large number of road accidents […]

How To Get Damages in Augusta Crashes Involving Government Vehicles?

damages-accident-involving government-vehicles

In a typical car accident, you have good odds of recovering damages with the help of a good Augusta car accident lawyer. This is the case when the other driver’s negligence caused the crash. However, things can become a lot more complicated in an accident caused by a government vehicle or involving government employees. In […]

Who Pays the Medical Bills After An Atlanta Car Accident Claim?

medical bills-car-accident-coverage

A car accident you suffer in Atlanta, GA can result in property damage as well as injuries, which may rack up significant medical bills. The injuries range from mild to serious or even critical. Some heal in a matter of weeks; others may take months or years, yet others can result in permanent limitations and […]

What is a Mandatory Settlement Conference in a Charlotte Car Accident Case?

mandatory-settlement conference-accident

The term “Mandatory Settlement Conference” isn’t one most individuals are familiar with. When you suffer a car accident in Charlotte, you can seek compensatory damages for your losses with help from a Charlotte car accident lawyer. In most cases, it is possible to recover the damages from the insurance company, either your own or that […]

How to Sue Someone After a Car Crash in Georgia?

sue someone-for-car-crash

If you have suffered a car crash in Augusta, GA, you may naturally wonder if you can sue someone for the losses you incur. It is certainly possible with the help of a good Atlanta car accident lawyer. A car crash may result in injuries, property damage as well as other forms of losses for […]

How Long Does Whiplash Last After a Car Crash?

car crash-whiplash

A car crash can result in injuries ranging from mild to serious and even critical. If you are fortunate enough to avoid serious injuries in a car crash, you may still be left to deal with the more moderate injuries. Whiplash is one of the most common injuries experienced by drivers involved in a car […]

5 Reasons an Attorney May Reject Your Car Crash Claim in Atlanta

car crash-attorney-denies-claims

When filing a personal injury claim in Atlanta, you will typically need the assistance of a good Atlanta car accident lawyer. Most lawyers who take on personal injury cases work on a contingency basis – which means that you pay the attorney only once your claim is successful. This is precisely why lawyers may carefully […]

What North Carolina Laws Apply to Charlotte Car Accidents?

north carolina-car-accident-laws

If you have suffered a car crash in Charlotte, North Carolina, you can seek compensatory damages to cover your crash-related losses with the help of a Charlotte car accident lawyer. Your claim for damages must meet various legal requirements set forth in North Carolina’s personal injury laws. It is important to be well informed about […]