Child Personal Injury Lawsuit for Malfunctioning Toys in Atlanta

Lawyer for Personal Injury Lawsuit in Atlanta, Georgia

Your child’s safety is your top priority as a parent. You want toys that are safe for them to play with on a daily basis. When toys malfunction and hurt your child, you have a right to file an Atlanta, Georgia personal injury lawsuit.

What is a Child Personal Injury Lawsuit?

While your child cannot voice their rights to file a lawsuit, as a parent you can file a child personal injury claim in Atlanta, Georgia on their behalf. You can work with a personal injury lawyer to seek an award settlement for their injuries.

Product manufacturers, including toy producers, have a responsibility to make sure that their products are safe for consumers of all ages. This includes children, and when a toy injures your child, you need compensation for their medical bills as well as pain suffering from their injuries.

Toy manufacturers need to ensure that their products are free from defects and they need to warn of any hazards that could harm your child. Their inability to make sure that your child is safe when using their toys is considered negligence on their behalf and a personal injury lawsuit in Atlanta, Georgia can be filed to seek compensation for your child’s injuries.

A personal injury attorney can help file an Atlanta, Georgia personal injury lawsuit and get justice for a child that was injured by a malfunctioning toy.

When is a Toy Manufacturer Considered Negligent in a Child Personal Injury Claim in Atlanta, Georgia?

Toy manufacturers, like other manufacturers, are required by law to warn consumers when a toy needs special instructions to avoid injury. When a toy producer fails to warn you as a parent or provide proper instructions to use the toy, a child personal injury claim in Atlanta, Georgia needs to be filed against the company.

These companies also have a responsibility to ensure that the toy is free of defects during the design as well as the manufacturing process. This may mean that they need to employ quality control measures to ensure safety when using their products. Even if only one model of the manufactured toy was defective, you still have a right on behalf of your child to file a child personal injury claim in Atlanta, Georgia.

Often times, these companies are large corporations, but that should not deter you from getting the compensation your child deserves in an Atlanta, Georgia personal injury lawsuit. A personal injury attorney can help you understand the laws when it comes to product liability and help to prove negligence in your case.

How Long Do I Have to File a Child Personal Injury Case in Atlanta, Georgia?

Under the law in Atlanta, Georgia, a personal injury lawsuit needs filing within two years from the date of the accident where your child was injured. This shortened window of time needs immediate action as filing after the two-year deadline dismisses your court case without a settlement.

Talking to an experienced injury attorney about filing a personal injury lawsuit in Atlanta, Georgia immediately after your child’s injuries occur will ensure your case is filed in a timely manner.

Your personal injury attorney will ensure that you get the settlement award your child is due and work to establish the fault of the toy manufacturer in your case. They will prove the negligence of the toy manufacturer and help to justify your child personal injury claims in court.

It is important to note that Atlanta, Georgia has a law in place that prevents filing a child personal injury claim if 10 years have passed from the initial date of sale of the toy product to any consumer. If your child is playing with an older toy that has been on the market for awhile, you need to investigate the release date of the product. A personal injury attorney can help you determine this date and if an Atlanta, Georgia personal injury lawsuit is in your best interests.

Consult with a Georgia Attorney About Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

When your child has suffered from an injury because of a toy malfunction, you have a right to file an Atlanta, Georgia child personal injury claim. The Atlanta personal injury attorneys at Ted A. Greve & Associates can help you with your case. They will advise you on product liability laws and help determine the best legal action to take for the case involving your child. Contact us today to set up a consultation.