Demorest, GA – Teen Loses Life in Van Crash on GA-365

Demorest, GA – Teen Loses Life in Van Crash on GA-365

Demorest, GA (July 4, 2024) – A 15-year-old boy who sustained severe injuries as a result of a church in Van accident in the Demorest area has died. The accident took place on Saturday, June 29.

Official reports indicate that a church van and one additional vehicle collided on Georgia Highway 365. The van was carrying a local church youth group from the River Point Community Church at the time of the incident. A 15-year-old male involved in the accident was severely hurt and airlifted to Egleston Hospital in Atlanta for emergency treatment. He later passed away from his injuries. The driver of the second vehicle, 64-year-old Barry Clark, was found to be driving under the influence. Clark was taken into police custody. At this time, the incident is being investigated.

We offer our sympathies to the family of the victim killed in this crash.

Fatal Auto Accidents in Georgia

Demorest, GA – Teen Loses Life in Van Crash on GA-365Tragic fatal accidents claim numerous lives in our state each year, leaving behind profound devastation. Families grappling with the aftermath often endure substantial emotional and financial hardships. In the wake of losing a loved one in a fatal crash, taking legal steps as soon as possible becomes essential.

Initiating a wrongful death claim empowers surviving family members to hold the accountable party responsible for their actions and seek compensation for their loss. While no amount of money can replace the departed life, financial assistance can offer a semblance of stability during this challenging phase.

For a successful pursuit of a wrongful death claim, seeking counsel from a seasoned Georgia wrongful death attorney with extensive experience handling complex wrongful death claims is critical. They possess the knowledge and experience to adeptly navigate the intricate legal procedures, ensuring your rights are upheld throughout the entire process. By leveraging their specialized skills, they can identify the nuances and complexities of your case, offering you the best possible representation.

Amassing evidence is a crucial aspect of constructing a robust case on the path to seeking justice. Your car accident attorney will work with skilled investigators and specialists to reconstruct the accident scene meticulously. This includes analyzing skid marks, vehicle damage, and traffic signal patterns. They will also review medical records in detail, interview witnesses to gather firsthand accounts, and compile pertinent information to establish negligence or misconduct. This comprehensive approach ensures that no stone is left unturned in building a compelling case.

Having a skilled legal team by your side guarantees unwavering advocacy for your best interests, especially when dealing with formidable insurance entities focused solely on their profit margins. These companies often employ aggressive tactics to minimize payouts, making it even more critical to have a dedicated attorney who can counteract such strategies effectively. Acting quickly to engage a competent legal team not only increases your chances of attaining justice but also provides you with the support needed during a profoundly challenging time, allowing you to focus on healing and remembrance.

At Ted Greve & Associates, we comprehend the anguish and hardship families face, motivating us to support them through legal avenues for justice and closure. Our compassionate team of attorneys is dedicated to securing full and equitable compensation for your loss, alleviating some of the financial burdens during this trying time. If a family member’s demise resulted from road negligence, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a complimentary case evaluation. We stand ready to assist you and your family as you navigate this challenging period, striving to facilitate the closure you deserve so you can concentrate on healing alongside your loved ones. Contact us now at (800) 693-7833.