Do I Qualify for a Social Security Disability Insurance Appeal?

Startling statistics on Social Security disability insurance are surprising many young—and otherwise unaware—people. Recent studies show that a 20-year-old worker has a one-in-four chance of acquiring a mental or physical disability before reaching the full retirement age of 65. Social Security Disability Insurance is something most people do not openly like to discuss; however, the chances of becoming disabled are probably greater than many people realize. On the other hand, filing for your Social Security disability benefits alone can be extremely exhausting and time-consuming for the average person.  

Although it is possible to file a disability claim on your own, you should consider consulting a North Carolina disability lawyer to fight for your benefits. In North Carolina, over half of first-time disability claims are rejected—less than one-third of claims are accepted. If you are a part of the percentage of people whose applications are denied, filing an appeal—or request for reconsideration—would be your last option to receive a Social Security disability award. If you would like to file an appeal, that means you do not agree with the Social Security Administration’s decision, and you want the administration to review your case again. In this scenario, hiring a disability lawyer will ensure that the facts of your disability claim are relayed to the judge in the legal language that he or she will understand.

General Eligibility Factors

If you have filed for Social Security Disability Insurance and your claim was denied, you still have another chance to claim the money that you deserve; hire a lawyer to fight your appeal. Before contacting your lawyer, determine if the following scenarios apply to you:

  • You Are Completely Disabled. You must be completely disabled—according to the Social Security Administration—in order to be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. This includes physical impairment and any medical condition reduces the quality of your life such as cancer, depression, and hepatitis. Compile copies of your medical treatment providers–hospital, doctors, and clinics–and prepare to share them with your lawyer.
  • You Have Paid Social Security Taxes For At Least five Years In Your Lifetime. Any job you have previously worked should have collected Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) taxes while you were working. As FICA taxes fund Social Security insurance, you must have contributed from your paycheck to FICA for at least five years to collect Social Security Disability Insurance if you are over the age of forty—at least two years if you are under the age of 35.
  • You Are Not Able To Perform Any Work Functions That Have Normally Completed In The Past. The Social Security Administration states that in order to be eligible for SSDI, you must be unable to perform the work duties that you performed on your current or last job. Furthermore, you must be incapable of adjusting to other work that is presently available for other individuals with your similar level of education, and physical and mental abilities.

North Carolina SSDI Law

Citizens of Charlotte, if you were denied Social Security disability insurance or would like help filing a claim, your next step is to contact an experienced North Carolina Social Security disability lawyer to claim the benefits you deserve. At Ted A. Greve & Associates, P.A., our legal team has extensive experience handling Social Security disability claims. We understand you are facing physical, emotional, and even financial challenges at this point in your life. You need your claim resolved as quickly as possible.

If you are disabled, and have been denied benefits, contact us at the law firm of Ted A. Greve & Associates, P.A today to schedule a FREE consultation. Call us today or fill out our free online case evaluation form!