Do I Qualify for Augusta Workers’ Comp?

Workers’ compensation insurance is available for almost every employee in Georgia. While virtually all employees covered under the Augusta workers’ comp program qualify, you need to ensure that your employer offers coverage. Not every employer is required to provide workers’ compensation benefits under the law. Understanding what your legal rights are when it comes to being injured on the job are important in case you are a victim of a workplace accident.

How to Tell if Your Employer Has Workers’ Compensation

The laws for Augusta workers’ comp state that employers with three employees or more need to provide coverage to their workers. If you work for a company that only has two or fewer employees, it is likely that you do not have workers’ comp coverage in Augusta. You should check with your employer to ensure that they offer coverage if you are unsure.

In addition, if you are considered a contractor or independent contractor at your place of work, it is possible that you are not covered by workplace injury insurance. The law for Augusta workers’ comp requires employers to cover only part-time and full-time employees with these benefits.

When Does Workers’ Comp Coverage Start?

Your workers’ comp coverage begins on your very first day of employment with an eligible employer. Even if you have switched jobs or just begun your career with a new employer for the first time, you will be afforded coverage under the workers’ comp program.

What is the Deadline for Filing an Augusta Workers’ Comp Claim?

The Augusta workers’ comp program has a deadline for filing a claim with your employer. You only have 30 days from the date of the accident to notify your employer that you were hurt in a workplace accident. It is important that you notify your employer as soon as possible of your injuries and that you want to file a workers’ comp claim.

Waiting until the 30-day time period has expired can cause you to be ineligible for workers’ comp benefits. This is why it is important to report your injuries to your manager, supervisor, boss, human resources department or foreman according to the policy of your employer.

How Do I File an Augusta Workers’ Comp Claim?

In order to file a claim with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation, you will need to fill out form WC-14. This will need to be filled out in its entirety with accurate and comprehensive information. One of the reasons that claims for workers’ comp in Augusta get denied is because the form required for filing is improperly filled out by an employee. Be sure to follow the instructions for filing on the form and be accurate in your account of your injuries. If you need assistance in filling out the WC-14 form, you may want to hire an Augusta workers’ comp attorney to assist in the process.

When Will I Get My Workers’ Comp Benefits?

Your workers’ comp benefits will be paid to you after your seventh day of missed work. It takes approximately 21 days for your payment to arrive. If you miss more than 21 days of work because of your workplace injuries, you will receive payment from the first day of missed work. If you miss less than 21 days of work because of the recovery of your injuries, you will receive for your lost wages minus the first seven days of absence.

How Much Will I Get Paid?

While the amount and duration of your workers’ compensation in Augusta occurs according to the severity of your injuries, most payments are 2/3 of your average wage up to a maximum of $575. Payments made occur for up to 400 weeks. If your doctor approves you for work release before the 400 weeks has ended, you will need to return to work, and your workers’ comp benefits will stop.

For injuries that result in loss of a limb, your payments might be for a lifetime. There is a weighted schedule for these injuries, and the State Board of Workers’ Compensation will determine how much you will receive and how long you will receive benefits.

Injuries that allow you to return to work in a reduced role are eligible for supplemental income. This is paid at the rate of 2/3 the difference of your average wage versus your current wage. Benefits paid include a maximum rate of $383 for a total of up to 350 weeks.

Does My Family Receive Workers’ Comp Benefits for My Death in a Workplace Accident?

If killed in a workplace accident, your spouse and any dependents are entitled to workers’ comp benefits. These benefits pay up to 2/3 the average wage of the deceased worker up to $575 per week. A widowed spouse is eligible for up to $230,000 in benefits. If they remarry, the workers’ comp benefits from your death will end.

Can I Sue My Employer If I Receive Augusta Workers’ Comp Benefits?

While the Augusta workers’ comp program is designed to provide you quicker payment of benefits for injuries sustained from a workplace accident, there are some instances when you can file a lawsuit against your employer for negligence. You would need to seek the assistance of an attorney to determine if you have a case for the court system. For extreme injuries that occurred at the fault of your employer, you may be due additional damages for pain and suffering and could receive a settlement for their liability.

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