Greenville, SC – One Killed in Rutherford St Crash near the Spinx

Greenville, SC – One Killed in Rutherford St Crash near the Spinx

Greenville, SC (June 11, 2024) – The Greenville County Coroner’s Office confirmed that one person died in a motor vehicle accident that occurred in the Greenville area. The accident took place at around 10:50 p.m. on June 7.

According to area law enforcement reports, a collision took place on Rutherford Street near Rutherford Road. The incident prompted the closure of the roadway near the Spinx. Further investigations show that a car made a left turn in front of a motorcycle, resulting in the collision. One person involved in the accident was fatally injured. The victim was pronounced deceased at the scene. Authorities identified the victim as 34-year-old Joshua Mackey. At this time, the incident remains under investigation.

We offer our sympathies to the family of Joshua Mackey.

Fatal Auto Accidents in South Carolina

Greenville, SC – One Killed in Rutherford St Crash near the SpinxEvery year, fatal accidents claim the lives of numerous individuals in our state, leaving lasting impacts on families. Coping with the loss of a loved one in a fatal collision is a challenging experience, and seeking justice becomes paramount. Filing a wrongful death claim following such a tragedy is a way to pursue accountability and seek redress from the party responsible for the accident.

Through this legal process, you can seek financial compensation for damages resulting from the negligent or reckless actions of the responsible party. While no amount of compensation can erase the pain of losing a loved one, it can help alleviate the financial burdens associated with medical expenses, funeral costs, and lost income.

To successfully file a wrongful death claim, you must gather evidence demonstrating the other party’s liability in causing the collision. This evidence may include police reports, witness statements, scene photographs, and any available surveillance footage from nearby establishments. Additionally, documenting your loved one’s medical records related to their injuries is crucial for building a strong case.

Engaging a knowledgeable South Carolina wrongful death attorney is vital during this difficult period. Your legal team will assist you in navigating complex legal procedures, offering guidance and support throughout the entire process. They will negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf and advocate for fair compensation, allowing you to focus on the grieving process and healing.

Losing a loved one due to someone else’s negligence brings unimaginable sorrow and, at Ted Greve & Associates, we understand the emotional and practical challenges that arise from such a tragedy. Our team is dedicated to advocating for your family and pursuing justice for your loved one. We are here to provide compassionate representation every step of the way, recognizing that while compensation cannot replace your loss, it can help ease financial strains as you work towards healing.

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