Do You Have to Decide Whether to Hire Your Personal Injury Lawyer in Georgia During Your Initial Consultation?

Personal Injury Lawyer in Georgia

We always recommend that, if you’ve been injured in any sort of accident, you call an experienced personal injury lawyer in Georgia right away. There are several reasons for this. First, you want to make sure you have a skilled attorney by your side to help with your insurance claim. If the insurance company knows you’re represented by counsel, they’ll be less likely to try to take advantage of you. Second, you’re going to be worried about recovering from your injuries. The last thing you’ll feel like doing is fighting with insurance adjustors. Your Atlanta personal injury lawyer can do this for you. Finally, you want to give your attorney ample time to prepare your case. If you’re running up against a statute of limitations issue, you don’t want to back your lawyer into a corner. They’ll need plenty of time to gather evidence and negotiate a settlement with the defendant’s attorney.

Just because we recommend that you meet with a skilled injury lawyer in Georgia right away, that doesn’t mean you have to retain one right away. We imagine that, in most cases, you wouldn’t want to wait too long to hire a lawyer. We hope that you choose a law firm such as ours based on our excellent reputation. People don’t typically shop around for a personal injury lawyer in Georgia. Since all injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, it’s not really a matter of who will be cheaper. It’s going to cost you about the same no matter who you hire. However, who you hire will impact how much you get. Does that make sense?

If you don’t hire a qualified attorney, you could lose your case. Or, they may encourage you to accept a settlement that is much lower than waht you deserve. You really want to hire someone who has your best interests at heart. They also need to have the necessary experience to know how to handle your case. Our personal injury lawyers have decades of combined experience handling cases just like yours. However, we still offer our clients a free initial consultation so they can make an educated decision on hiring our firm. We also want to have a chance to review their case to make sure it has value before we commit to representing you.

You Decide Whether or Not You Want to Hire an Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia

Nobody should pressure you to hire a personal injury attorney. This is a decision you should make for yourself. If you feel pressured, then maybe you need to find a different attorney. Our personal injury lawyers in Georgia pride themselves on professionalism and ethics. We never pressure anyone to hire our firm. We understand that it’s an important decision and it may take time. Once you decide to retain our services, we’ll present you with a retainer agreement. You can choose whether to sign the agreement or seek different counsel. Once you do retain our services, you can count on our lawyers working hard to make sure you get the money you deserve. We always have your best interests at heart.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Georgia Right Away

If you or your loved one are hurt in any sort of accident, you may need the services of a personal injury attorney. There’s no requirement that you have to hire a lawyer to handle your case. You can certainly handle it all by yourself. But if you want the best chances of winning your case, you’ll want a skilled injury lawyer by your side.

Our attorneys won’t pressure you to hire us right away. The decision to retain our services is entirely up to you. We offer all potential clients a free initial consultation so they can make an educated decision. This gives you a chance to show our attorneys all of your documentation. They can answer any questions you may have. They can also ask you the necessary questions to determine what your case might be worth.

Call today and schedule your free initial consultation. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, you can certainly arrange to have your consultation done by telephone or Zoom. We have your best interests at heart – from the time of your initial consultation until the day you settle your case. And, since the consultation is free, you won’t pay a dime until your case is resolved.