How Can a Workers Comp Attorney Help if I Was Injured at Work and My Employer is Uninsured?

Workers compensation insurance coverage is a mandate for businesses across North Carolina. Any company that operates with three or more employees should obtain workers comp insurance. If you were injured at work, your employer should be able to help you through a workers comp claim.Since workers comp insurance is a requirement, an uninsured employer can face strict sanctions in Charlotte, NC.

To deal with an uninsured employer, it helps for you get the counsel of a workers comp attorney first. With the help of a Charlotte workers compensation lawyer, you can find ways on how to get proper compensation. You can also bring your company to face the consequences of their violations in Charlotte, NC.

Workers Compensation Laws for those Injured at Work in North Carolina

Being injured at work is no simple matter, especially if poor working conditions have contributed to your injuries. This is why businesses in North Carolina are required to follow the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act.

Sole proprietorship, corporations, and limited liability companies need to secure workers compensation insurance. A workers comp attorney will tell you that this rule applies even to businesses that have at least three employees. Some companies, especially those that have few employees, may obtain qualifications for self-insurance instead.

Suing an Uninsured Employer with the Help of a Workers Comp Attorney

If injured at work but find that your employer does not carry insurance, you can consult a workers compensation lawyer.

Your lawyer may advise for you to inform the NCIC or North Carolina Industrial Commission as an initial step. Once your workers’ comp attorney has escalated the matter to the Commission, the latter may launch an immediate investigation. Even without any workers comp insurance, your employer may still be liable to reimburse you for any treatment-related expenses.

A Charlotte workers compensation lawyer can also assist you in suing your uninsured employer in North Carolina. Under the law, the lack of workers comp insurance may either be classified as misdemeanor or felony. Under NCIC guidelines, they require an uninsured business to pay a fine of $50 to $100, per employee per day.

A workers comp attorney can also help you bring to court all individuals responsible for the company’s negligence. For example, someone in the company may have had to procure coverage but has failed to do so. The courts or the commission can also hold this individual liable, especially after injured at work.

Other Ways that a Charlotte Workers Compensation Lawyer Can Help

There are a few strict requirements after injured at work and deciding to file for workers comp insurance. To accomplish these requirements on time, you may need the assistance of a workers comp attorney. The process may include filling up the required forms and submitting them on time. The failure to satisfy deadline requirements can easily compromise the approval of your claims.

In the event of a claim denial, a Charlotte workers compensation lawyer can help you in appealing your claim. Again, you will need to observe strict processes and deadline requirements. A single mistake can place your entire claim at risk. Mediation may also take place, during which you will need your Charlotte workers compensation lawyer with you.

Talk to a Workers Comp Attorney after Having an Injury at Work in Charlotte, NC

It’s one thing for an employer in Charlotte, NC to deny your workers comp claim. It is entirely another matter if your employer has not obtained any form of workers compensation coverage at all. If your company is guilty of this, you need a Charlotte workers compensation lawyer to help you sue for penalties.

It is unfair for you to have an injury and to suffer from the negligence of your own employers.

If your company in North Carolina has been remiss in their duties, talk to a workers comp attorney.

Our Charlotte workers compensation lawyer at Ted A. Greve & Associates stands ready to help.